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Port Adelaide maintained their momentum with a stunning 23-point win over Sydney Swans 12.10 (82) from 8.11 (59) and Adele Oval from 12.10 (82) to 8.11 (59).

Hailu scored the first three goals of the game to give the game a chance to completely change the course of the game, scoring six unanswered goals in the third round.

He came after Todd Marshall’s equalizer: a big four-goal move, with only two injuries to Zack Butters and the first Bren Tick (shoulder).

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As a result, the two sides now have two games to play in the eighth-place Saints, and next week’s crucial game against the Sun, both clubs have won six.

Meanwhile, the Sydney final is in jeopardy, with the two clubs tied for seventh place with eight wins next week.

“Swans showed that they are not well-rounded, they came in ambush,” Brown Brown medalist Gerard Haley told Fox Foot.

“They were not ready for the physical body, their game was completely distorted and they had to go back to business.”

Match Report

There were no late changes on either side;

Returning Buddy Franklin scored the first goal of the game to instill confidence in the visitors.

Isaac Henny’s long-range shot, followed by the next major, gave Swans the lead and he won 8-2 on aggregate in the first 10 minutes of the game.

“Henny is getting bigger, he looks ready to explode.

However, Hailu responded with a big bang from that point onwards, when Healy said he would suddenly take the lead with the next three goals if Sydney’s defense was “surrounded.”

This year, Todd Marshall, who leads AFL in goal-scoring accuracy, extended his lead to eight points from 4.3 (27) to 3.1 (19) by setting the second goal of the season on Siren.

Will Howard scored the first goal of the second quarter, but Marshall responded for the third time in the second half that day.

Javier Dursma has been ruled out of action for the rest of the season with a hamstring injury.

According to Fox Foot researchers, Dursma played just five games and created a great opportunity for off-field this year.

Increasing Power Risks First player Bren Tekle suffered a neck injury after a major altercation with Justin McInerney – and the mid-season draft pick day ends prematurely.

Port still led by four points from 6.6 (42) to 5.8 (38) in the half hour.

Charlie Dixon scored in the opening game to give Port a good start for the third time, and Marshall followed up with a cross from the edge of the box.

“This is a test for Sydney because they are Port Adelaide believers. They don’t care about injury, they just play to win,” he said.

Peter Ladhams had two memorable moments in the third quarter when he played for his former club, scoring two free kicks in five minutes.

One of the things that could be monitored by the MRO is that Oli hit the wine in the stomach while they were on the floor behind the game. Hawkes legend Jordan Lewis called it a “brain explosion.”

“Perhaps this will only prove the reason for his dismissal,” said Krauss’ senior Mark Ricito after watching the game again.

Shortly afterwards, Ladams scored on the other end of the box to receive a pass from Adelaide Oval fans, but he converted the ball into a series of six chances.

The force leads 34 points in three quarters, from 12.8 (8) to 6.10 (46).

The Swans battled it out in the fourth quarter, with Isaac Henney scoring the first goal of the day – another goal of the day – to restore the team to 23 points in eight minutes.

Both teams scored again to secure a big win for Port Adelaide, but the visitors are close to winning.

The 3-2-1 – Co-written by David Zita

3. Final endings on the power agenda

Not only did he beat Port Swans, but he was totally out of their way to keep up with the season and stay on the hunt.

The 23-point margin eventually bounced off Sydney, with Hailu controlling the second and third quarters and Cleverine’s dominance of 43-32 on the day.

According to Fox Foot Dwight Russell, the final blow to their September ambitions was the last of its kind.

Swansea won the first three goals in the game, but it came as a surprise, with Port emphasizing a big change.

He also performed without Travis Boak (HS protocols) and Robbie Gray (rest), with three players sitting in their seats after Zack Butters and Bren Tekle were hit in the second half.

Fox Football analysts have expressed their admiration for the portfolio, which has sparked further excitement among spectators.

“They were fun with the ball in their hands and we got a lot of examples from the defense 50 or moving the ball. He spoke on Fox Footy in half an hour.

“They really spread the ground and encouraged their destruction.

“And you feed those people, so you can hear the people behind your mind, so that you can understand when that game will take place.

However, the Sydney player was under pressure from the source of the ball and was well prepared to score outside the box.

“They turned around. After the first 5-15 minutes, Port Adelaide dominated Sydney.”

Brown’s medal winner Gerard Haley highlighted how his style of inspiration is a true transcendent in the team.

“Port Adelaide is empowered by their (previous) successes, they have moved forward, everyone is involved in the race and the pursuit,” he said during the main break.

“When you score a goal like that, it motivates you to the next performance and the next player jumps and that’s why he played a role – converting five goals – he was a very good foot.”

2. Lacluster Ladhams’ Expensive ‘Brain Explosion’

Peter Ladhams is set to be sidelined by a related review officer, but may have been dropped by John Longmir after a horrific incident.

Ladhams could not easily seize the opportunity compared to the team that lost former receiver Brin Tickle, with Jeremy Finleison holding on for the rest of the match.

Most worrying, however, were two straight goals caused by two head-on collisions, the other of which would obviously have been blocked.

With less than 15 minutes left in the third quarter and Port Adelaide building a fast-paced lead, he was awarded a free kick for throwing the Ladam Darsie Bear-Jones to the floor.

Sam Powell-Pepper converted a simple shot to increase the team’s lead to 24 points.

Minutes later, Ladams hit Olivier Wins in the chest and gave Charlie Dixon a free kick.

The fast-paced Ladams was a bit confusing.

He scored at the end of the third season but was injured and Ladams is in critical condition after the game.

1. Marshall ‘everywhere’ on command execution

Todd Marshall arrives safely and truly, if not,

Marshall led the Port front line with four goals, including three in the first half.

Hawthorn legend Jordan Lewis Marshall describes how the game was affected in different ways.

“We talk about his ability to air and mark the ball and move it on the ground, but his pressure is another part of the game, his ability to read the ball faster than his opponent,” he said on Fox Foot.

“He was everywhere, he dropped a few points, he conceded a few wrong goals, but in the first half he was an integral part of that front line.”

He finished 11th in the Colombian medal, scoring 27 goals in 13 games following a remarkable 23-year career.

Marshall is the most accurate set of the AFL this season, and while he wasted two chances against the big sticks against Sydney, he still showed a winning streak.

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