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Carlton extended their lead in the eighth place with a huge 63 points against West Coast on Sunday.

The Twin Towers Charlie Kurnou and Harry McKay played with the Eagles defender and scored 10 goals each.

The Blues were brilliant in their first season, scoring five goals.

Then, with a victory of 17.14 (116) and a win of 8.5 (53), the spirit eagles fought in the second and third time before the final whistle.

West Coast failed to score a single goal in either the first and final season of the disappointing season at Opus Stadium.

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Quarter-by-quarter match report

Carlton was on top of the opening ball, with Zach Fischer drawing his first free kick for a high.

Sam Petrevsky-Seton did not lower enough and Fisher paid him on the scoreboard.

“It’s wise to be able to draw that penalty now. It’s better not to hit it,” said analyst Jordan Lewis.

“Raising his hand makes it playful. Many players do it and they do it successfully,” added Pavilich.

When Lim Ryan flowed in the 50’s without an opponent, the Eagles seemed to be out, but Shannon Hurn couldn’t find him. Instead, run with the great Harry McKay.

“That was important because Liam Ryan went out alone. It’s amazing to chase forward, ”Pavilich praised.

“It was an amazing pursuit from Mackey. He has set a specific goal, ”says Lewis.

“He had to sit on the bike as soon as he saw a switch from Josh Kennedy.”

At the other end of the spectrum, Charlie Kurno easily missed out on Eagles star Harry Edwards due to the absence of injured Jeremy McGover.

Harry McKay stepped in for the first time of the day before entering the action with his own sign and goal.

The Eagles failed to clear Carlton’s zone and did not record 50 in the opening 15 minutes of the tournament.

“If you are a WCE and you have a lot of chances in the back half, you have to be very careful,” says Louis.

“If you make a small mistake, you will be punished for entering Carlton.”

When Jamie Jones was kicked in the middle of the field, Cory Dordin scored the Blues’ fourth goal.

“Right now, Carlton is ready for him. They are very strong.”

West Coast took about 20 minutes to score in the first 50.

Prior to that, the score was 16-0.

Jack Darling turned the ball over in the middle and Kurno added a second.

“They are not helping themselves,” says Louis.

“You have to feel the way the game is going – if you don’t take care of the ball in the second half, Carlton will pay you.”

The Eagles have scored 24 of their 50s in a quarter – and are lucky to have scored just five goals.

West Coast finished unbeaten in their first season – for the second time this season.

Coach Adam Simpson commented that the Eagles were successful in the second round.

Jack Darling won the controversial 50m in the final minutes of his second season. Penalty The Eagles won their first game.

The Blues were considered to have violated the protected area around Mark and Darley made no mistake.

Regarding the punishment, Lewis said: “You have to think you are a little lucky there.

“This is stubborn.”

Luke Foley narrowed the gap after the Eagles’ clears midfield clearance and J. Waterman’s free-kick in the 50th.

“The game is back,” Pavilich said.

“The cleaning is better this quarter and they had at least half a pair of shoes.

“West Coast are back in contention.”

Goals for Kennedy and Riley narrowed the gap to 15 points before Corey Durdyn gave the Blues a break.

Adam Papalia said, “There is a big swing.”

“A lot about Carlton – you can still finish two and miss eight,” Russell added.

When Bailey Williams made a controversial signal, he did not make a mistake in his shot after it appeared to be less than 15 meters.

Jack Waterman added another goal and the Eagles suddenly dropped by 10 points in just half an hour.

The two teams exchanged goals for the third time after defender Harry Edwards was wrongly punished.

“This is a deliberate move,” says Louis.

Charlie Kurno scored his fourth goal before Kennedy’s 700-yard touchdown pass.

As the Eagles moved the ball forward, Lewis was amazed to build on Kennedy’s goal.

“They’re not sure how they got there, they’re done,” Lewis said.

“Jones kept running, he continued to be an alternative.”

The match was still online for the last time, but it was Carlton in the end.

Harry McKay scored two goals, including one from Harry Edwards’ free kick, to close the door on any eagle fight.

“As soon as the defender stretched out his arms, they were in trouble,” Pavilich said.

Lewis added: “It’s a clear punishment.

And then, Carlton just blew the margins to strengthen their position at the top of the eighth.

“It was a perfect beating this last quarter,” Pavlich said.

The Blues scored their last eight goals and won 63 points.

3-2-1 …

3. The Big Blues duo won a big victory in the West

Carlton Twin Towers Charlie Kurno and Harry McKay had a perfect day with the eagle defense.

Harry Edwards was sent off for the first time since the 12th round, with Jeremy McGover sided with broken ribs.

But the young defender was only behind the opening in the 22nd game with the big corner.

When the Blues took the lead, Kerno was everywhere in the opening quarter, scoring two quick goals.

His fourth came from Edwards’ mistake, when the eagle was clearly punished for inadequate thought.

“This is a deliberate weekly move,” says analyst Jordan Lewis.

Kurno, who was tied to the border, was brilliantly caught to catch the fourth for the match.

However, he scored five goals on the day.

Kurno snatched a large pack and made a mistake.

“He is the most dangerous player on the field,” lauded Lewis.

“It’s nice to see someone in flight.”

But the Coleman medal leader not only had one day, but Harry McKay stepped on his bag.

McKay scored two quick goals last season and eventually cleared the eagles.

The first one came from another horrible time for Edwards – shocked and wrapped his arms around McKay.

Mackay took full advantage of the penalty kick.

“As soon as the defender took up arms, they were in trouble,” said analyst Matthew Pavlich.

Lewis added: “It’s a clear punishment.

Curnow finished with 5.3 of the 16 points, while McKay finished with 5.3 of 13 touchdowns.

2. Bright blue eagle punishes mistakes

Carlton came off the field scoring the first five goals of the game.

West Coast were undefeated in the opening game, and no part of the field allowed.

The Eagles did not control 50 of them after the 15-minute mark.

At that time, they raised the 16 directly to the Blues.

By the end of the quarter, Carlton was only 24 to 2 out of 50 – the injury was coming from the Eagles’ errors.

Harry McKay chased after Josh Kennedy to overtake Charlie Kurnou.

Jamie Jones was kicked in the middle and Corey Dordin scored seconds later.

Jack Darling tried to keep his foot in the middle, but Kuruno finally finished.

Commentator Jordan Lewis described the West Coast decision as “careless” in the second half, saying their transition was “chaotic.”

“They are not helping themselves,” says Louis.

“You have to feel the way the game is going – if you don’t take care of the ball in the second half, Carlton will pay you.”

“Perhaps the message is not reaching the players,” asked Matthew Pavich.

Will Schofield West Coast admits in its opening remarks that they are “rolling around”.

In half an hour, Blues 6.3 kicked straight from the West Coast – 8.7 of them.

1. Kennedy the King in the West

Josh Kennedy After arriving in the West in late 2007 in the famous Chris Jud business, he became an almighty minister.

But Eagles fans, worried about losing their beloved Judy, quickly saw the change in the deal.

He played 267 games for 698 goals against the Eagles in Sunday’s game at Carlton.

Despite the dreaded eagles’ start, Kennedy continued to push for a second goal in 2022.

He did not give up on his pursuit, so he set his sights on the wing and threw himself into every race.

He worked hard, scoring 699 goals for the club in the second season.

His great moment came in the third period with a straight shot from the front.

“His ability to lead and repeat the effort in the 50s is number one,” said analyst Matthew Pavlich.

“He is not trying to allow any kind of motivation for (rival James).

“He has been a star for a long time. He was a good player. ”

Kennedy is expected to retire at the end of 2022, with an impressive 2018 Premier League and two Coleman medals.

He is the seven-time leading scorer and three-time All-Australian for West Coast.

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