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Port Adelaide will release a gunman for the first time in another mini-final in which he wants to keep the thin end game alive.

The Dokers (10-4, 122.6%) faced a tough test from Carlton last weekend but Michael Walters and the forgotten Nathan Wilson have a good chance of consolidating their top four chances.

Hailu (7-7, 105.1%), Jesse Burgoin – son of Premier League player Peter Burgoin – Hailu (7-7, 105.1%) must continue to win to give themselves the best chance of advancing to the eighth round.

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This game will start at 5.10pm AEST from Opus Stadium.

Watch live on Fox Footy Channel 504 at 5pm AEST.

Quarter-by-quarter match report

There were no late changes for Fremantle, and Bailey Banfield was renamed the starting sub.

The force did not make any slow changes at first, but Xavier Duursma was eliminated in the Quad case less than an hour from the first throw and replaced by Miles Bergman. Stephen Motlop was named the first medical subdivision.

Port got off to a good start, with Mitch Georges recovering from a hamstring injury to score the first goal of the game. The spectator at Opts Stadium was silenced when Ryan Burton doubled the Dokers’ lead and added a second.

Hailu started the game from beach to beach, moving the ball through his wing and scoring the second goal.

“Exciting football in Port Adelaide. They will burn earlier, ”said Adam Papalia, a Fox Foot analyst.

Doctor’s legend Matthew Pavlich adds: “A great statement from Port Adelaide.

The Doctors then won the next center clearance, setting up Matt Taberner for the first goal of the game.

James Aish was then thanking the lucky Arsi stars, who reversed the call to touch the referees on the field and awarded the Dokers a second goal.

And as the pressure on the defense weakened, Docker’s movement improved.

“It’s back in the 1990’s. It goes from end to end without anyone touching it, ”says Pavlich.

We talked about the heat that Port Adelaide is bringing, because it is well off and it is a fast and fast ball movement.

Thanks to the great efforts of Sam Paul-Pepper and Todd Marshall, Port broke the Dokers’ goals, and the latter pulled the stunning header out of his pocket.

But Lob responded with another strong signal to launch the second and deliver the results in a quarter of an hour.

See Docker blitz at the beginning of the second word.

Will Brody, Andy Bryshaw, Caleb Serong and Sen. Darsie took the lead around the ball – especially outside the midfield – with four unanswered goals, one for Brightha and the other for Nate Fifa.

“I like the way they cleaned up their game, Freeman,” said Brad Johnson, owner of the Western Bulldogs.

“The first 10 minutes of the first quarter shot and allowed Port Adelaide to put pressure on him and he could not use the ball in the first place. But since then they have dominated the game.

The force then responded with two goals from Powell-Pepper and Can Farrell to continue the vicious nature of the race.

But before Hayden Yang Aish continued the spectacular afternoon, he rose to take the mark of the Round Competitor.

With just seconds left in the second word, Serong pulled a loose ball from his stand, hitting his long, unmarked left foot on the boundary line and scored a “funny” goal. .

In half an hour, the Dokers led the clearing lead with a +12 lead and a 10-point lead in the 50s.

After a third-place finish, the Lakers took a place in the goal area and added a fourth before adding a fourth.

Lob’s impressive third season continued a few minutes later, scoring a classical goal on the left foot and scoring five goals in his career.

“While in this frame of mind, Rory Lob is a very dangerous future target,” Pavlich said.

Travis Bock picked up the result for the third time to try and keep his power in the game, scoring on a grain.

But the Dokers responded to each power test, with Michael Frederick stepping in at the end of the third period to increase Freon’s lead to 40 points.

Portsman Lachlan Jones was ruled out of the game with a hamstring injury.

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