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When the two sides meet at Adele Oval on Saturday afternoon, Adelaide is looking for a repeat of last year’s Melbourne 10 round.

The Ravens (5-9, 85.5%) have won their last two games against West Coast and North Melbourne.

Melbourne (11-3, 139.2%) established itself as a force last week, beating its rivals Brisbane Lions to MCG.

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This match will be played at 4.35 pm AEST from Adelade Oval.

Watch it live on Fox Footy (Channel 504) from 4 30 30 pm AEST.

Quarterly match report

The Crows, facing an unrecognized mob from Melbourne, scored the first two goals with a simple defensive error.

Nick Mary Ben Brown dropped his first goal of the day.

“There is nothing worse when your opponent hits the target,” said analyst Jason Dunstal.

“(Murray) takes nine out of 10 times.”

Reilley O’Brien had a few minutes to go back when he flew like a second man but could not kill the race.

Demon star Christian Petraca was waiting behind the pack and scored a simple goal.

“You can’t let him see the punishment later,” Duntal said.

“First you see crows under siege.

“You don’t have to make too many mistakes to punish Melbourne.”

When Mich Brown appeared on the scoreboard, commentator David King was impressed by the demons’ quick start.

“It’s a very strong start,” he said.

“You got territory in Brisbane last weekend: You can go into your shell when this kind of start happens to you.

“We hope that the (crows) leaders will continue to roll around.”

And the ravens responded, first through Ben Kais, before Darsie Fogarti diminished her beauty.

When Taylor Walker saw a “really clever” false penalty kick in front of goal, the Ravens suddenly won the race.

With the worst of the dislocated finger injuries in recent years, Fogurti was saddened by the crows’ fight.

“It looks like a banana.

Walker snatched the perfect “Mongrel” from Riley O’Brien before the Petraca section ended with a James Harms goal.

Petraka added a second in the fourth minute to give the Deaf a seven-point lead in the first change.

David King has spent a quarter of his time on the move, changing the overall front line mix.

Fogarti returned to the ground to start the second time.

Neither team was able to score directly in front of goal, even Walker missed a shot in the middle of the quarter.

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