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Sydney star Luke Parker will have a “big X” on his back, according to a trio of Austrian Eddie Bethes, after he was mocked by Bomber Dylan Shill.

Swans (9-5, 119.5%) beat the Bombers when the last time the two sides met, Parker was seen as a back-to-back and easy Swans goal to question Sheel’s strength.

Bombers (3-11, 78.6%) are expected to respond to Parker when the two sides meet on Saturday. AFL 360 This week, “I’m sure you’ll put a big X on the back of the review. The players will no doubt remember this.

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There were no late changes on either side. Andrew Phillips (Essendon) and Ryan Clark (Sydney Swans) were medical replacements.

Sydney beat 50-pound counter-attack ahead of Tom Papley.

Swans scored the second goal in a race near the Chad Warner border, but it was quickly responded by Essen Captain Dyson Hepel.

Lance Franklin tore a shot from 50 yards out to give Sydney a third goal.

Isaac Henny converted a superb 50-yard free kick to give Sam Reed a 5-1 lead.

“We’re 23 minutes into this game and Essendon has to do something now,” Nathan Bookley told Fox Foot.

“It was very easy for Sydney.”

Almost all the bombers finally managed to break the deadlock with that Merret goal.

Papley missed a shot after Sirin, putting Swans 18 points ahead in the first change.

At that level, Parker had 10 balls (six competitors) and four tackles to become the best player on the ground.

Franklin scored his first goal of the second quarter to take his tally to 24 points.

This match will start at 1.45 pm AEST from MCG.

Watch live on Fox Footy (Channel 504) from 1 p.m.

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