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Luke Brooks dropped, Wests Tigers, Adam Doueihi, Brett Kimmorley, Alex Twal concussion

West Bulls’ fifth-seeded Luke Brooks is on the shooting line and is set to fall for the first time in his 185-NRL career.

Interim West Leopard coach Brett Kimmore has fired Michael Maguer and the Tigers are set to make a tough line decision after losing.

Local Junior Brooks has not been eliminated since he first made the West Leopard in 2013.

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The Tigers played five-eight under six coaches during his ten-year stint with Concord Mick Potter, Jason Taylor, Andrew Webster, Ivan Cray, Maggie and now Kimmore.

Tigers’ interim coach Kimmorle is considering a move to another club where he has never been to another club and is planning to throw Brooks with the West Coast in the NW Cup.

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After rejecting reports that he had asked to be released by the Newcastle Cavaliers during the season, Brooks once again had a mixed season for the Tigers.

When Jackson Hastings was selected in the back half, the sight could free Brooks to focus on his greatest strength – the running game.

Victories over Paramata and South Sydney saw Brooks score promising goals against Rabito, but the Tigers have won just one of their last seven games.

In the 11th round, Brooks lost to Canterbury-Banquest.

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Brooks’ first-half defeat to Canterbury-Bankstau on Sunday resulted in seven setbacks.

In the 62nd minute, he missed four balls and in the 62nd minute the Tigers lost 24-6 and the Bulldogs attacked the other line.

The West Tigers have also been hit hard by injury.

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Tawal was worried about Sunday’s defeat in the opening round of the Bulldogs, the second shock of the season.

However, the Tigers are urging him to take a more cautious approach to the game, which is expected to see him play Lebanon for the rest of the season and the World Cup.

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