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The Tigers may have to pay between $ 600,000 and $ 800,000 for Luke Brooks to play elsewhere if he wants to repay half of his big money with one year left on his contract.

Reports that Brooks is set to go down in the 16th round have sparked rumors that the Tigers want to unload the remaining year of his contract, which is set to reach $ 1.3 million in the final year of the deal.

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Reading Brent believes that riders and dolphins will compete for Brooks’ signature, but it will cost them a lot to see the Tigers run next season.

“The tigers have to raise a lot of money to do this,” he said on NRL 360.

“He made big money next year. It is reported to be between $ 1.1 and $ 1.3 million.

Nobody pays proper respect to Brooks. The tigers have to chip in a fair room.

But obviously Newcastle were in high demand during the season. Anthony is currently trying to keep Milford, but he has a deal with the dolphins.

I’m not surprised Newcastle will look at Luke Brooks again during the season, but it depends on the tigers’ desire to wrap him up.

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The Tigers may have to pay a fortune to move Luke Brooks.Source: Getty Images

Phil Rothfield says NRL clubs will be willing to pay $ 500,000 to Brooks.

“I spoke to two people who were hired to search for Brooks today and I was told they should donate $ 1.1 million to $ 600,000,” Rotfield said.

“That would cost him $ 500,000, so do you think it would be a wise move for the West Tigers?

“This is not the first time this has happened. When Ivan Cray came to Penrit, he was not happy with the team he had built.

He donated $ 800,000 to Waka Blake, Trent Mary and Reagan Campbell-Gilard to other clubs.

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However, while it may seem foolish to pay a lot of money to play elsewhere for Brooks, he believes it will free them to sign a quality player to strengthen their struggling side.

“It’s only a year and you have to look to the side,” he said.

“The whole half-glass presentation could cost $ 600,000 and you could go and buy a player.”

Paul Kent adds that tigers have a replacement in their books that already has a ready-made player, which will alleviate the financial crisis.

“Especially since Adam Doehi and Jackson Hastings are ready to play in the semi-finals,” Kent said.

But Bright Anastasia’s reported $ 200,000 debt to Brooks makes it very difficult for him to leave the club.

Tigers Hand Ciraldo Last Day | 03:08

“That all looks good and good but for me an extra $ 200,000 is a big deal because if the dolphins or Newcastle say we will give them $ 500,000, they will not give us more than $ 600,000,” said Anastasia.

“So they gave him $ 500,000 or $ 600,000 and he was $ 1.3 million, then the tigers had to pay $ 700,000. $ 700,000 you just go there.

However, Rotfield Brooks believes the fact that there is only one year left on the deal will be used by the club, but warns that the final decision will be made by one person.

“Yeah, but it’s a year,” Rothfield said.

“Do you know whose decision it will be? It’s not ours and Tim Shins’.

“Anyone who enters should make such an important call.”

“It’s their biggest call,” he added.

This is the big call of the new coach with Brooks.

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