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Luke Brooks’ stay at West Leopard is the subject of controversy over who will be the club’s next manager after the end of the season.

The Tigers will have a $ 1.1 million headache if they do not move to Brooks next year.

The club is finally set to contact the Elephant in their changing room and drop the highest paid player in his NRL career.

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The ax fell to the Brooks for the first time in 185 NRL, following a humiliating loss to the Eagles and Bulldogs.

The 27-year-old could sign the final start, with the administration requesting his release twice during the summer.

Brooks has a contract until the end of 2023, unless he can spend $ 1.1 million on the club next season.

The Titans, the Warriors, the Bulldogs and the Cavaliers – the other five clubs in the top five – all need a quality half, and dolphin coach Wayne Bennett is still chasing Marke’s signature.

“If the change is real, I think it will be good for him,” NRL senior Brent Tate told the Fox League podcast.

West Tiger Luke Brooks earlier this month. Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

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The Leopard Post Leopard is out of date and free to browse options.

“He has to get out of there, go to a different place, go to a different area, stay away from the club and start over.

“Luke Brooks can really be valuable to another club and I think it will be useful for him to go somewhere.

“Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Of all the reports, the last two years have not had a good relationship with Maggie Magier so I think he is a player who needs a little love and has improved half-back.

Wherever he goes, he should have a good relationship with the coach and be comfortable with him.

Brooks to be promoted to NSW Cup | 00:38

Brooks has never played in the finals and is the most experienced player in the NRL to avoid the post-season.

Brooks was named the 2018 Dali M of the Year but has been heavily criticized by the club since its inception in 2013.

The Tigers played five-eight under six coaches during his ten-year stint with Concord Mick Potter, Jason Taylor, Andrew Webster, Ivan Cray, Maggie and now Kimmore.

The club fired Michael Maguer this month and are now chasing Panthers’ assistant Cameron Cialldon, who is being considered for construction.

West Tigers Luke Brooks. Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

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‘How did the team do it?’

Rugby League icon Mark Carroll has praised interim leopard coach Brett Kimmorelin for “some feathers”, but believes Brooks’ team-mates have worsened his season.

“When I see someone like Brooks playing, I blame their attackers. There are some attackers who are not really afraid of Santa.”

“That (James) is sick, he looks cruel with his big beard, but my spouse tried and someone hit me, that’s what I want to see.

“Brooks is going down to the NSW Cup and he will be a very expensive player there.

“Knotty seems like that. They need change because they are losing. You have to change things.”

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Veteran rugby league reporter James Hooper agrees and looks forward to seeing Adam Doehin next Sunday when the Tigers play.

“In the back of the summer there was all the talk he wanted, he denied it, but the fact is he asked to be released to go to Newcastle,” said Hooper.

He is not happy, he is not happy, he does not seem to be happy at the moment.

“The message I received was that the Tigers were upset by the performance of the last two weeks.

I’m not surprised if they make a tough decision now and go to the 16th round with DUI.

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