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AFL superstars Ken Cornes and David King have been linked with a move for Fremant, according to reports.

According to Herald Sun correspondent John Ralph on Fox Footty, doctors are “extremely confident” that Melbourne will not be able to keep the 20-year-old.

Speaking on SEN on Friday, Cornish said: “It’s one of the biggest deals we’ve seen so far,” but Jackson asked how he would fit in with the fourth-ranked freestyle.

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“It’s a big risk for them,” says Cornes. SEN Breakfast.

“He is not a goalkeeper. If Jackson is in and Rory Lob is out, Lob has scored 27 goals for the year, and Jackson has scored 23 goals in his career. What will that future structure look like when he plays 70 percent of his game against Jackson in the future against Sen. Darsie?

“The danger is, not to mention that they are stars, but to disturb the most shocking facial expressions. Matt Taberner and Lobb were surrounded by the little ones. Lob came out, Jackson came in, I don’t know how to sit. ”

Des Star ‘burns’ teammates | 01:54

However, King Frey’s “front line is chaotic” and believes it will not be a factor in his success, citing how Nati Fife played aggressively to target another target when he returned from injury.

And with two Premier League kangaroo doctors, he thinks they should do their best to beat Jackson.

“This boy will be a star, so if he wants to go home, you will do everything you can to improve your football club,” King said.

“He is 20 years old. We’ve seen what he did in the big final year last year, if he doesn’t believe it to a large extent.

“Do you pay extra? No. They give him a longer contract than most? No. You just finished the job. You can’t see this quality player very often.

“In my opinion, moving from Lob to Jackson is a good move. If the gap is $ 150,000 a year for the next five years, I do that every day of the week.

But King wonders what the future of Freeman Jackson will mean for Sennacherib’s future and what it will mean for the club to move him forward.

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Eesendon legend Matthew Lloyd asked Lob to stay in Fremant this week if the only reason he left was Doctor Land Jackson.

Ralph recently reported that Lob, who tried to return to the Giant last year, is expected to play for the West Bulldog next season.

But when the contract is signed for the next season, the dogs will have to get Lob through a deal, with the 29-year-old reportedly seeking a three-year deal worth $ 1.5 million.

Cornish echoed Lloyd’s tally with 27 goals in 14 games.

“I don’t know why. He wanted to quit last year and is finally playing what he can do at the age of 29, in his best year. Champion data has made him the fourth best player of the season and now he wants to move to the Bulldogs? ”

“He was a GWS last year and he’s not happy now, even though he’s playing professional football, he wants to go to a team that can win his first Premier League and now he goes to the dogs? I don’t understand. I’m not sure if his advice is correct.

But King Lob has indicated that he may seek security and a long-term deal that could not be reached at Fremant.

After making his debut for GWS in 2014, the big man played 133 AFL games before moving to Fremantle in late 2018.

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