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Luke Jackson West Coast Eagles, Nic Naitanui interview, Carlton Blues list strategy

Carlton said the club was facing “difficult” but “possible” details.

He also insisted that it would not be a commercial venture as he had blessed the club to pursue the demon.

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Blues hard list status ‘Done’

Carlton CEO Brian Cook said the club was going to hit a “difficult” list of time management, but stressed that he had the best of his ability.

Two-year-old Ken Cornes said Monday night that the Blues will soon face “high” wage pressures, with many stars, including Charlie Kurnou, Harry McKay and Tom de Kong, not having a contract after 2023.

It has come in recent years after the Blues’ aggressive trade and free agency strategy – with the likes of Adam Sera, Jack Martin, Adam Sad and Zach Williams – as well as re-signing star trio Sam Walsh, Jacob Whiteing and Patrick Creeps.

Speaking of 3AWs Sports DayCook described the process of maintaining the signatures of Curnow, McKay and De Koning as “challenging” but “very possible.”

Returns to beat Blues Dokers | 01:00

“List management is not a real science because it is for business and free agency and for category B starters and all sorts of things,” he said. Sports Day.

“You have to manage as much as possible and you have to make tough decisions.

“Our list management is challenging, but it is very possible. Looks like we can’t manage.

According to Cook, the Blues’ success could be even more challenging for the club in terms of salary cap.

But the Blues boss hoped the players would “start working together on a salary” to stay together.

“That’s the goal. We want the players to stay with us to be very good, and they have a little bit of self-control,” he said.

Big Star Thanks to Jackson

The West Coast star has announced that he will not be doing business at the end of the season, saying he would like to join Nick Jackson at Luke Jackson in WA.

At the end of the season, he will be in the middle of a crucial deal for Jackson, whose contract has expired, as both the Eagles and the Dokers want to take him home with big money deals.

Jackson is expected to earn around $ 800,000 to $ 900,000 in his next contract.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the club offered the blessing of following up with Jackson, the two of whom had been in writing with Jackson after a two-year relationship in Jackson.

“I would love to have him here on the West Coast, I’m sure any club would like to meet him,” said Naitanui.

“It was wonderful to see him play and grow. Under Max Gown, he has a good guardian there.

“It’s a difficult decision for a young person. He (Melbourne) is such a successful club. No matter where he goes, he will have an amazing job. ”

More for Luke Jackson? | 02 13 13

As the Eagles begin rebuilding this year, there have been a number of suggestions for the club to stockpile some of its senior players.

But he laughed at comments that the three-time All-Australian and two-time best and fair-minded Nathananui could chase the undisputed Premier League medal elsewhere.

When asked if she would like to become a fisherman, she said, “It doesn’t matter with older men.”

“This is something the club has always had for me. They know I’m not going home.

“I am Perth’s son and if he threatens to leave or go somewhere, they can send me back to Fiji. I do not have the power to say that some Victorian boys can go to those clubs.

“For me, the West Coast has taken care of myself and my family all my life. I owe half my debt to stay and be loyal to the West Coast.

“If you extend my contract, you will extend it. If not, I’m glad they gave me more.

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