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Mack Horton misses out in men’s 400m freestyle result, Elijah Winning qualifies for final

Mac Horton’s personal gold dreams vanished in 0.1 seconds at the World Championships.

The Aussie star lost his last race in the men’s 400m freestyle in Budapest on Saturday night – when he was hit by a gas tank.

The tragedy of Sunday morning (AEST) was the tragic loss of another 26-year-old Osi Ilya Winnington, one of the contenders for a gold medal.

400m at the Rio Olympics The freestyle champion finished third in the heat, finishing ninth in the fastest qualifiers.

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The 3 ፡ .5 46.57 time was just 0.1 seconds behind Italy’s Marco de Tulio, the eighth fastest race.

Hurton says the biggest slap in the face is that it makes it easier in the heat to save energy Daily Telegraph ‘s Julian Linden.

Last month he spent more than 2.5 seconds on Saturday night swimming in the Australian Swimming Championship 3 ፡ 44.06.

Winnington will start the final from Lane 5.

Mack Horton missed it. Photo by Madi Meyer / Getty Images.Source: Getty Images

Horton is expected to join the Australian men’s 4x200m relay team. The event is scheduled to take place on Thursday night (AEST).

However, he must first lift himself off the floor.

Horton With the money he earned in 2017 and 2019, he finally publicly stated that he was inspired by the prospect of winning gold at the World Cup.

Horton was one of the unlucky athletes at the Tokyo Games last year, missing out on the third fastest spot in the 400m freestyle relay in 2021. , But he still missed it.

His fall on Saturday night was one of the biggest hits in the Budapest pool.

As Horton and other stars save their energy in the opening morning, American celebrity Kathy Ledeki makes her debut.

In the women’s 400m freestyle relay, the 25-year-old American was the only swimmer in four minutes.

Team Australia Mack Horton will have some regrets. Photo by Madi Meyer / Getty Images.Source: Getty Images

Ledeki’s biggest rival, Australian Aryan Titms, is skipping the championship. Titms improved Ledek in the final round of the 2019 World Cup.

Titimus defeated Ledek in last year’s Olympics and set an American record of 3: 56.40 seconds in May.

On Saturday, Ledek woke up and left the field, but she was still more than 2 seconds away from her enemy.

Home favorite Katinka Hosszu won the women’s 200m in the first round.

Hungary’s Iron Lady, who won the championship for the last two World Cups in Budapest, is slower than American Alex Walsh (2.36) and 5 and a half away from her own world record.

At 33 years old, the question remains as to whether she can break the rust. Other big names also make a name for themselves.

Australia’s Kylie Mackon is seventh and Japan’s UE Ohashi is 12th.

– With AFP

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