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Maddy Prespakis move from Carlton to Essendon, AFL Women’s, Bombers signings, free agents

When Madi Prespakis entered the Essendon Tulmarin headquarters for the first time with her best friend, she shed tears of joy and, at the same time, relief.

It was a “emotional” moment when the bomb from the blues exploded – and her love for the game seemed to have returned.

Weeks ago, she and Carlton star Georgia G, one of the four new AFLW teams, reaffirmed their commitment to the bombers for seven seasons without knowing each other. For years they have been close friends and teammates, and before the second opening campaign, the two did not openly discuss the possibility of going from blues to Bomber.

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So, naturally, Espendon was delighted when both players announced that they would be joining the club during the AFLW expansion.

“We called each other when they announced the business,” Prespakis told as part of the YoPRO campaign. “We didn’t talk much about it because it was obviously our decision, but we called and we both really wanted to do it.

“It was an emotional time. The first time we went to Essendon, we hugged and thought, ‘Holy shit, this is our next trip.’

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Signed with Eesendon, especially for Prescakis – a lifelong Bombers fan, grew up with James Herd as her hero and Paddy Rider No. 30 on the back of her red and black jumper. Then, as a junior on-boiler, she saw herself as the average person she wanted to imitate.

“When we entered the race, there were always questions about ‘how do you feel’ and things like that,” she said.

“Twice I told them I didn’t want to, and I didn’t want to enjoy talking to them. But once I said ‘yes’, I went through the door and became ‘oh wow’.

“It was like tears of joy, but I think of tears of relief. I felt re-engraved and the joy of the walker came back.

The reasons behind the Bombshell movement

“I haven’t enjoyed playing as much or as much as I would like in the last 12 months,” said Prespakis – one of the best players in the AFLW.

In 2020, at the age of 19, she won the competition’s Rising Star Award and then the Best and Fair Prize. However, by her own admission, Carlton’s performance was evident over the next two seasons – and that would have won the Blues’ Champions League title in 2022.

“I love bombs and have supported them all my life, but that was not the reason for my move,” she said. “It was a big personal thing for me.

“For the past 12 months or so, I think I have hit a small part of my leg that I am not sure about. I was just 19 years old at the time (when you won the AFLW Best and Fair) and I was asked about ‘what more can you do’ and so on. I felt that pressure, but I was also at a moderate point. I did not know what was next for me and it certainly influenced the way I prepared my feet.

“By meditation, I probably didn’t have a competitive season (2022). Things like (BNF) and the like reflect differently, but I personally don’t feel like I’ve achieved my goals.

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“Certainly, she has no hatred for Carlton,” said Prespakis.

And of course it was not supported by cash.

“Of course, there are a lot of hypotheses about ‘for money or this or that,'” she said, “and Carlton’s supply was actually higher than Essex.” “I laughed at the media.

“There was something I needed to do to improve my leg.

“For me, staying in Carlton was definitely for my teammates and friends. I loved the girls and enjoyed playing with them for four years and we had great team success and personal success along the way. But as I dug deeper, I felt that I needed a fresh start and that I needed to meet a new coach – and I felt that I had a good relationship with the new coach.

Despite her youth, Prespakis’ move to Essendon is a long-term goal.

Team success, obviously, is number one priority. But the greatness of the AFLW is at the top of its agenda.

“I’m only 21 so I want to be the best player I can be for the next 10 years,” said Prespakis.

I wish I could leave behind legends like Erin Phillips and Daisy Pierce – and they can help me do that as part of Essenon.

“It’s also very special to be a supporter, so being a member of the first team is something I definitely don’t see.

“I’m thinking of starting a new club again, I’m really looking forward to it. I was itching when I entered the club wearing a uniform and officially joined the club. ”

Madison Presspakis is the winner of the 2020 AFLW. (Photo by Michael Wilson / AFL photos by Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

‘Make the End as Possible’

Presspac bombs can also have an immediate effect if their opening details and out-of-season recruitment fail.

Prispakis and cunning goalkeeper G, the Bombers have also signed Premier League Bulldogs Bonnie Tuguin, Collingwood utility Sophie Alexander and star freestyle winger Steve Ken. They also take on All-Australian and Premier League Lions Jason Wutsner and Sophie Van de Howwell (Gilong), Jacques Vogt (St. Kilda), Daria Banister (North Melbourne) and Cat Phillips (St. Kilda). The club’s first AFLW signing was VFLW co-captain Captain Georgia Nanskawen, who received the VFLW’s highest personal award in 2021 and was named the Team Leader of the Year in 2021.

“It’s very exciting,” said Prespakis. “Go to Essendon together to play G and be able to start a new chapter together, something I can’t wait for.

“Stephen Cain is a great choice. Everyone knows what she can do and what she has done for the past six years in Freio. I really wanted to play with Bonnie Tugud and Sophie Van de Hivel – I had something to do with her when I was under 18.

Many of our recruits have affected the venue, so it’s amazing to be able to protect them.

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Before the pre-season training officially began, Prespakis trained with some of her new teammates. Those sessions gave her a clue about the “big picture” and what this new group could achieve.

When the bombers marched on Prispakis, they announced that they would not count the numbers in their first season – a prospect that would appeal to the star midfielder.

“I think Essendon first showed me that they don’t want to be seen as an expansion club. They want to enter like a bull at the door. ”

“Our first step is to make the finals as fast as possible and to do that you need a strong list to start. We want to start with a strong team.

“The way they came out and were recruited is very unusual to tell the truth. They did a great job and it was really fun to see them on the field last week.

“Obviously, like any club, when you start new, there are cultural attitudes and things like that. But I’m very sure with the team we built, it connects how we play football in a team.

“The goal is definitely not to make it easy. We want to make our mark. We are an opening team, which is very exciting, but I think we want to start the first year very hard.

Plans to return to AFLW’s Elite

Essen’s success will be a major factor in the success of the press release.

In her best and fair season of 2020, she was ranked as one of the 10 AFLW players in the 50’s for average loss, defensive tackle, clearance and 50s.

Presuming the short time between six and seven, Prespakis stayed in Melbourne and launched her own pre-season training campaign “before the package”.

That, as well as a strong focus on nutrition, has divided its components to this day.

Madison Presspakis moved from Carlton to Essendon.Source approached

“Those who know me know that I am not a natural athlete,” she said. “So this season I have taken a little extra by being able to train in nutrition and in different ways.

I have run as fast as I can to cover the ground, but I am currently training one by one and doing a completely different training than I did recently. that’s great.

“Being able to learn different things from the way I eat – maybe something I’ve learned before, but I haven’t knelt enough. I live alone now, so that’s something I need to focus on. For that and what I was buying, it was extraordinary to take the time to eat and cook for myself on training days and on weekends.

“Every time I get up for training in the morning, I feel better. I have gained the power of truth and I have recovered well, so I think I have put my best foot forward in the pre-race era.

“Now that all the running is done, you have to keep in mind that there is a little more ball work – I’m very happy, because I prefer to do all the skills instead of running, that’s for sure.”

About the importance of nutrition and hitting your macros: Presspakis “The most important thing. You can do your recovery and you can run and exercise as much as you can, but obviously it depends on your sleep and eating habits and the solid foods and macros you put in your body.

“You can wake up and feel awkward, but if you feel good in your body, then you are waking up and you feel that your body is well nourished.

“I’m not the best or the perfect person right now, but I’m finding ways to achieve my dietary goals in the future.”

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