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Maguire defends Southgate after Hungary humiliation

Harry Maguire continues to be one of the best managers in world football after a 4-0 defeat to Hungary, awaiting a shot from England captain Gareth Southgate.

Magier, who was substituted 3-0 by England on Tuesday, said the defeat was “unacceptable” but said the Three Lions could make a big impact at this year’s World Cup.


Failing to win any of their four games this month has seen England embark on their worst run since June 2014. .

Hungary became the first team to score four goals in a 3-3 home win over England at Wembley in 1953.

During the beating, chanting “You do not know what you are doing” targeted Southgate, but during the hamstring, Maguer said he was the right man to lead the team to Qatar later this year.

Defender is the most successful English coach since Sir Alf Ramsey in 1966. We can’t all wait to work with him and his back team at the World Cup.

“He is one of the best management records in international football.

“There is really no reason why we can’t do better and our goal is to improve the competition we have already had and to make the country proud,” he said.

“We deserve more than the first three. [Nations League] Games, however, were not accepted during Tuesday’s match against Hungary.

“We all know. Everyone needs rest and replenishment right now. The atmosphere in the camp was very good, despite the results.

A.D. Before England open their World Cup campaign against Iran on November 21, England will face Germany and Italy in two more League Cups in September.

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