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Man City great Kompany appointed Burnley manager

Former Manchester City captain Vincent has been appointed manager of Burnley following his departure from Anderlecht.

The 36-year-old spent three years coaching Anderlecht, his first coaching manager, before being sidelined last month.

Following his relegation from the Premier League in 2015-16, Burnley took over as Turf Moore coach in the first season of the Championship.

Sean Daisy was sacked by Claretts in April after a decade in charge of interim boss Mike Jackson.

Burnley confirmed the appointment on their official website on Tuesday, although they did not announce the length of the Belgian contract.

“Burnley Football Club is a truly historic English side and it is a great honor to be the first team coach,” he said. I look forward to the next test.

“I look forward to working with the players and creating a positive and winning team for our fans when we return to Turf Moore.

“I’m impressed with the board’s approach to the club and I look forward to playing my part in the crucial season.”

Leading the way for Anderlecht in Europe, they finished third in the first division of Belgium in the final season of the competition, and when they reached the final of the domestic competition, the team lost on penalties.

Prior to joining Coaching, he spent 17 years playing for Anderlecht, Hamburg and City, winning 10 major trophies in 11 seasons.

“We are delighted to welcome Vincent to Burnley Football Club,” said chairman Allan Pace.

“Vincent is a proven leader and I admire his ideas for Burnley Football Club, his ambitions for success and his focus on leading the club to the Premier League.

Vincent proved to be one of Belgium’s biggest teams last season, leading us to the finals of the European Championships and Championships and we look forward to his philosophy, approach and ambitions for the club.

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