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Manchester United chief executive Richard Arnold has given a scathing review of his club’s recent struggles, meeting with angry fans at a bar.

In a series of secret recordings, Arnold said last season that it was a ‘nightmare’ for his fans and that he “hated every game” – and that he was saddened by the club’s recent transfer of “F ***” to the club. Money “

After a series of protests against the club’s hierarchy, particularly the owners of the Glazer family, supporters reportedly planned to protest outside Arnold’s home.

Instead, Arnold met his fans at a local bar and made a surprise decision to complain – and they shared their pain in the team’s worst Premier League campaign.

Arnold’s clever video was shared on social media by fans, showing that Arnold has not been punched in the team’s illness for years.

“We’ve spent ቢሊዮን 1 billion on players, more than anyone in Europe,” Arnold told fans.

I’m not happy where we are. I’m worried about how to fix this in the future, it’s not easy. What happened was we burned in cash.

“You can’t go to our training ground and say, ‘Show me where ቢሊዮን 1 billion is,’ because I don’t think we have spent any good money in history.

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“I am not here to defend Joel (Glazer). He must speak for himself. I wanted to talk to you, you took the time to come here and let me know what you think – and I respect that. We spent a lot of money.

Newly-appointed coach Eric Ten Hagg has said he will be financially supported during the transfer window, with stars such as Paul Pogba saying goodbye and rivals Manchester City and Liverpool signing big money.

“For this summer, the money manager and football director [John Murtough] Wants. In the future, we need to do something to invest in a new stadium and build the latest and greatest £ 250 million training ground. We have to bring in investors. I need that to do what I want for the club.

“I need more money now. A club in the world does not have the money to build a new stadium without anyone. No one generates, you borrow or someone invests. We have a 1 1 billion loan.

“The money is coming from somewhere, and you may not like our current owners, I can’t understand that. But if you want someone else to come in, they have to say, ‘OK, their fans love the club and they love the team, it’s positive.’

“I see last year as a nightmare. It was a nightmare. I hated every game. There were two things. First, the protests… ”he added before the video was cut.

A spokesman for the club told Sky Sports:

“He went to them and bought them all a drink, listened to their ideas and explained what the club is doing to bring success on the pitch, improve the stadium and strengthen the relationship with the fans.

Arnold’s move was astounding and commendable for the club that built its reputation for not having a good relationship with its fans – especially its controversial owners.

But after five years without a trophy this season, the club will be judged on its results.

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