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Mancini excited by Italy future after offering youth a chance in Nations League

Robert Mancini has expressed his delight at the prospect of a number of young players with Italy during the National League campaign.

Four years ago, Italy failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Qatar in northern Macedonia.

That sparked riots after he won Euro 2020 in Italian football, with many Serie A coaches questioning whether to allow young local players to grow.

Mancini responded with more opportunities for Italy’s young players after losing ‘Finalissima’ to Argentina at Wembley Stadium in early June.

David Frattesi, Federico Gati and Gianluca Skamaka are among the crops in the National League campaign, with Italy drawing two and winning the other.

Azuurri, who includes Germany, England and Hungary, leads Ligue A’s Group 3 squad ahead of Tuesday’s game against Hansy Flickr.

Coach Mancini says they are learning a lot ahead of schedule.

“I’ve seen some guys who have a good future,” he said. “The level in the national team is very high. I think the boys should have a chance to play.

“The first time I played was 1981 Radis, in the first team. There was no Serie A, it was a New Year’s competition.

“With the first ball they gave me, I lifted my foot and the ball passed, I did not touch it. For a young person, it is not easy, you have to be confident and allow them to play even without good performance.

“One important thing is that we can get to know them better. Seeing these people for three days gives us a chance to find out who is better prepared.”

When Mancini starts using young players, Lorenzo Incine remains confident of continuing his MLS career for Toronto FC.

“It depends on how he does it and what happens there. He has given us a lot, he is a great player, it depends on what happens in the MLS.”

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