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Manly Sea Eagles vs Cowboys; Morgan Harper knees Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow in head; HIA, news, video

Sea Eagle star Morgan Harper Hamiso Tabui-Fidon can be considered lucky as he stays on the field in a heated clash with the Cowboys on his head.

Taboo-Fidow and Harper were racing to beat Deli Cherry-Evans.

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You come to me! Townsend OWNS Sutton | 00:49

As Harper slammed into the race, Tabai-Fido entered the ball first, his knee falling behind the head of the Cowboys leaflet.

Judge Gerard Sutton ruled in favor of Harper Eagle, but did not take any action against Harper.

Tabai-Fido was later forced by an independent doctor and could not control the HIV.

“This’s a bit of a Harper’s obvious side.

Cooper Cronk said Harper could have left.

“This will be visible,” he said.

I think Morgan had a chance not to do Harper. I think he will have that kind of vision during the week.

After the game, he was measured by Cowboys coach Todd Payne. “Everything happens quickly. I wish it were a report so we have a free change. I don’t think it happened intentionally, I think it happened quickly.

When asked if the NRL player could change the rules for free trade when he was forcibly expelled for a misdemeanor, Payne only laughed when he replied: “Yeah, if it benefits us! ”

Before the Valentine Homs hit back, the Eagles came out of the blocks to surprise Cowboys with two previous attempts.

Manley led 10-6 to half an hour, with seven minutes to go and seven minutes to go.

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