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Manly Sea Eagles vs Melbourne Storm, result, SuperCoach scores, video, Ryan Papenhuyzen, Daly Cherry-Evans

Manley stole the show with a wrong start – and a quick finish from the hurricane – 36-30 and stole the show with half of the Patriots Kieran Foran and Dale Cherry-Evans.

Cherry-Evans’ ball game and Foran’s ball game were the talk of the game – although Manley was able to get his foot off the pedal in the second half and settle the storm in the final 10 minutes.

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Manley entered the board in the fast-paced 95-meter hurdles before being hit by a hurricane six minutes later.

Manley Brandon Smith made five consecutive attempts before stealing the 100th NRL game.

After that, Hammole Olakuatu scored for the Eagles, but Smith’s four-point shot fired something for the hurricane.

Manley scored four attempts in five minutes to keep him on his feet until the final whistle.

“What a crazy, strange, incredible end tonight,” said Fox League analyst Warren Smith.

Big shots

Star Halves handed over Master Class

The test was presented to Dali Cherry-Evans before the game, with captain Michael Inis saying, “Manny has to throw himself on his back to get some life back then.”

Cherry-Evans nailed 40/20 in the third tackle and his side scored in the next set.

Cooper Kronck called it “great leadership,” but Greg Alexander called it “a game changer.”

Alexander added: “We talked before the game.

Cherry-Evans set up a free-kick attempt and a second-half cross, with half of his team-mates Kiran Foran pulling the strings.

“If there is a weakness in the hurricane line, it is on the right side of Marion Save and the experience of young Grant Anderson – Kiran Foran is going there at every opportunity,” said Anis.

“He’s played live and that’s what we love about Foran. He’s doing a great job of attracting Jahrome Hughes.

“Cherry-Evans’ ball game was fantastic, but it impressed Foran.”

Alexander added: “This year, the form of Foran has changed dramatically over the years.”

“He was playing with the hurricane,” he said. He also said that half of them were “on fire.”

A ‘shocking’ hurricane appeared

Manley coach Des Hassler is known for his ambush and looks like he has a breach in the hurricane – at least until the last 10 minutes.

Although Melbourne was the fifth-eighth without a star, Cameron Munster was still considered a strong contender, sitting second on the ladder and Manley 10th.

Manley scored the first goal in a stunning 95m attempt and the storm returned six minutes later – as expected.

But one Daly Cherry-Evans 40/20 triggered a five-try attack that did not stop until the 53rd minute showed signs of life.

Cooper Kronck said his former side in the first half was “hot and cold” and in the second half “they really look like a team without a team.”

Meanwhile, Michael Anis said at half-time that he was “deeply disturbed” by the hurricane because even some of the richest coalitions had collapsed.

“To be honest, I was in a lot of trouble,” says Anis.

“I feel as bad as I did tonight when the Melbourne attack hit the goal line. We often see that combination of Hughes and Grant from the beautiful half-orchestra pieces, but tonight it seems very vague.

But something finally clicked – or maybe Manley stepped back – but the hurricane gave Hasler a real scare in four attempts in five minutes.

It was too small, too late and Manley escaped victorious. It may be just a six-point difference, but the first 70 minutes could be a big threat for coach Craig Bellamy.

Paphenogen blended bag with ‘RUSTY’ performance

When he took the field for the first time since the ninth round, all eyes were on Ryan Papenhuezen, but sadly it was a return to the star rustback “rust.”

Manley, who had a tragic start to the night of Papenhuay’s night, tried to take the lead in the 95 meters, but he set up Melbourne’s first try and gave it to Nick Mane.

The rest of the game was “hot and cold,” as Cooper Crown Pappenheizen “came up with some mistakes and questionable plays but some very nice touches as well.”

Papenhuyzen tried – there is no doubt about it – but he seemed to be a shadow of his identity as usual. Perhaps the most controversial moment was when he saw the Cherry-Evans bomb explode, which led to Manley’s experiment.

“One of the great strengths of the Papenheizen game is the courage to see the ball and move on, no matter what is in front of him,” says Kronk.

But Papenhuayzen touched the game with two tries in five minutes. He finished with 73 yards, three assists, five tackle buses, two line breaks, two line breaks, but analyst Warren Smith described his performance as “a little rusty.”

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Sea eagles 1. Ruben Garrick 2. Jason Saab 3. Morgan Harper 4. Toltawu Kula 5. Christian Tupulotu 6. Kiran Foran 7. Dale Cherry-Evans 8. Sen. KP 9. Lachlan Crocker 10. Tofofowa Siplay 11. Hammole Olakaw’tu 1. Andrew Davy 13. Jack Trbojevich 14. Dylan Walker 15. Josh Schuster 16. Martin Tawpou 17. Tanila Paseka. Substitute: 18. Ben Trobojevich

Hurricane 19. Ryan Papenhuyzen 1. Nick Mane 3. Marion Save 4. Justin Olam 5. Grant Anderson 14. Jayden Nicorima 7. Jarom Hughes 8. Jesse Bromwich 9. Harry Grant 15. Tui Chemicals 11. Chris Lewis 12. Kenny Bromwich 13. Brandon Smith 2. Dean Jeremiah 10. Josh King 17. Nelson Asofa-Solomon 18. Alec McDonald. Substitute: 20. Tyran Wishart

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