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Manuel Neuer: Germany win against Italy ´would taste good´ after four straight 1-1 draws

German goalkeeper and captain Manuel Neuer is looking forward to finishing in midfield with a win over Italy on Tuesday.

Germany drew 1-1 with Hungary on Saturday for the fourth time in a row, with Germany beating England and Italy this month, and the Netherlands returning in March.

In the last game against Italy, Germany controlled 65% of the ball, finishing more than 613-302 times, coming behind to equalize with a goal from Joshua Kimmich.

Speaking to the media before the match, Nuer had played a “positive attitude” against Hungary and hoped that Germany would be able to make a strong impact on the trip to Borussia-Park.

“Despair has already won, but we must not bury our heads in the sand,” he said. “Our hunger and motivation are there.

“We may be lacking in creativity and energy but we have shown the right attitude in every game.

“Winning tastes good. We want to finally get three points and a sense of success against Italy.

“You can’t just throw a game. We want to practice as much as possible in defense of the World Cup.

“This will be crucial for me, and that’s why it’s good to play against such good opponents in the National League.”

German head coach Hansy Flick also looked bright and admitted he was still in data collection mode.

“The team has made good progress – we have not lost a game so far,” he said. But we have only drawn four times in the last four games against strong opponents.

“We had high hopes, and I thought we would make a little more progress. As I said earlier, the four games will be analyzed, so we will have to adjust in September. And now this is our task.

Although his focus seems to be on the World Cup, Flick admits he is desperate to return to winning ways.

“I don’t like the four games because I want to win and the team feels the same way,” he said. We want to win games.

“Victory is always important for the team. We have to give everything back to Italy. The victory is very high.

“Italy are doing very well. They have a big team and they always bring freshness to the field.

“We want to upset the opponent, we want to put pressure on him. Our transition game has to be better, and our focus is here.

“Our attack is not in the wrong direction, but in the determination and determination to finish. This requires guilt, but it also requires freshness – and not always after such a long period of time.

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