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Mark Blicavs role, tags Christian Petracca after ruck against Max Gawn, Geelong Cats defeat Melbourne Demons

At one stop on Thursday night, Mark Blicks hit one of Max Gown or Luke Jackson. On the other hand, by changing the roles of the Giloons, it becomes ‘cooling off’, following the example of Christian Petrakan or Clayton Oliver in an attempt to curb the influence of demonic stars.

Seriously, which other AFL player has the ability to pull that off – and has the confidence to do so – in a game?

Cats coach Chris Scott told reporters after his team’s win in Melbourne: “It’s often misused in AFL, but it’s unique.

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“There is no one like him.”

The Bleachs played a crucial and invaluable role in defeating the Devil by 28 points. In 19 center throws – the second of any cat – to finish in 14 games – 84 percent of them have won in the future – seven innings and five innings, three of which have gone one out of 16. Benefits of a teammate.

At 198cm and 101kg, the Bleachs are playing the role of Gilong, the only player in the league who will not play for another club.

Demon Max Gown and the cat Mark Blekaves compete for the ball. Photo: Dylan BurnsSource Fate-Getty Images

“I am more versatile this year than any other year,” Blaikavs told

Tonight my only role was to be around the ball. That allows me to understand the media and try to curb the influence of Petrakan and Oliver as much as I can, or get off the line and flirt wherever I can.

“Instead of playing in defense this year, I enjoy going up a bit and being around the ball. Sam de Kong’s good year has allowed me to do that.

I feel like I have spent a number of years in the role of the ball, in the role of the transition player. In any case, I think it will continue in no way. If it is a rick, a center or a wing, I try to run the same pattern for any. ”

Cats Mark Blakevs and Demons Luke Jackson. Photo: Dylan BurnsSource Fate-Getty Images

Petraka scored three goals, but on the night he beat Melbourne by just nine for the whole game. He finished with 21 tackles and two races – the second-lowest of the season so far.

“It’s powerful, isn’t it?” Blikavs talked about playing for Petraka.

“He has a good vision and knows when to move forward and make an impact. Then a couple stepped on it. You gave him half a meter and he left.

“Obviously there are things that need to be done, but it’s good to throw away the challenger.”

Scott praised the ongoing impact of the Bleachs’ game against Des and on Gilon’s organization.

“Every time we played well, he was a character. Whether he was clear on the ball or not, he was always important in the way we prepared,” he said.

Geelong Cats Press Release | 07 ፡ 24

“Mark is just a professional. He came with an insatiable appetite yet to learn the game, to tell the truth, he doesn’t know much – but now he’s an expert.

The Bleachs were part of a disarmament team that helped disarm the Melbourne Star Midfield and the Cats won the Clearance by +18.

Patrick Dangerfield returned to the top of the table with 31 clean-ups and nine approvals, while Cameron Gutry, Tom Atkins and Joel Selwood were also crucial.

“He was very argumentative. They are a very good middle class, so we knew there was going to be a war with a lot of tactics, which forced a change, ”Blecavs said.

“It was a very stressful game and it felt like that. I felt that both groups were ready for him, and we continued to try to do what we wanted to do.

Des Star ‘burns’ teammates | 01:54

“Their midfield is amazing and then it spreads well, so we had to do our best to cut it in half, let it go our way and then avoid it. If they win, we must help our defenders. It is their strength and we have tried to relate them there.

The Cats’ victory saw the demons jump on the stage, which means they will definitely finish the 17th round on the AFL ladder – Mamo Brisbane’s unbeaten run at Essenon.

Asked how confident he will be in his victory over the ruling Premier League, Blakevs said, “It’s great. The plan is to do this in the end, but we will continue to build and work.”

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