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The NRL’s match review committee has been fueled by some glaring inconsistencies in the controversial rugby league weekend in Round 20 regarding foul play.

Hurricanes guard Nelson Asofah-Solomon escaped punishment for an elbow to Warriors’ whore Wade Egan, while teammate Josh King could face a penalty.

Meanwhile, Titans scrum-half Aaron Booth missed a tackle on Ryder forward Joe Tappin, while Jared Warrea-Hargreaves was penalized for the same offense as Asofa-Solomona on Manly starter Zac Fulton.

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And Broncos lock Patrick Carrigan was not fouled or sent off for a hip-drop tackle, which would have meant a lengthy suspension with direct reference to the refereeing body. It breaks down the five events to highlight the surprising inconsistencies from the MRC.

Nelson Asopha-Solomon

Asofah-Solomona was reported for an elbow/arm against Warriors’ Wade Egan but was not charged by the match review committee.

The incident, which occurred in the fourth minute of the Storm’s win over the Warriors, saw Asofa-Solomona land hard on Egan’s jaw with a forearm and elbow.

The fighters had to leave the pitch and there was concern that such an action could have resulted in a broken jaw.

Andrew Jones has blasted the MRC for not taking action against Asofa-Solomona, which he believes could have led to a red card on the pitch.

“It’s ridiculous,” Jones said.

“I always support the players, but for me this is a four-week ban.

“Nothing for that, or even a fine? That’s close to sending. I can’t believe it.”

Ryan Girdler accused the MRC of not taking the rules seriously in a rebuke of the Assofa-Solomona decision.

“If you’re a defender rather than running the football, it’s a lot more avoidable,” Girdler told Triple M.

We talked about Dale Finucane and the damage has to be on the defender and he has a responsibility to look after the player who has the ball, especially now with a lot of tackles and techniques and so on.

“This should be taken seriously by the players.

But if you want to take it seriously, the match review committee should also take it seriously.

Letting Nelson go down sends a signal to the players that this type of behavior is okay and not okay.

It begs the question, would the Storm star in form, have he been suspended or even sent off if he broke Egan’s jaw?

Any player who now finds himself in the same fray as his primary defense against this Asofa-Solomon incident is now setting a dangerous precedent.

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Nelson Asofa-Soloma escapes suspension for an elbow on Wayde Egan.Source: Submitted

Josh King

Storm lock Josh King avoided a potential eye gouge penalty on Warriors forward Jazz Tevaga despite being placed on the report and fined.

In fairness to the King, the action may have been a surprise, but it came a week after Bulldogs tight end Corey Waddell was handed a five-week ban for eye contact with Titans forward Tino Faasumaleui.

In Waddell’s case there is no real proof of his actions, but he received a monster ban for meeting the opposition’s eyes.

Gordon Tallis and Greg Alexander believed the King was in trouble, given their harsh response to the Waddell incident, albeit a casual affair.

“I think it’s very little contact, but you can’t make eye contact,” Tallis said.

“I don’t like it. Do not get close to the eyes.

“Corey Waddell’s got five weeks of not even passing a guy,” Alexander added.

“It doesn’t look good in slow motion. His hand went to the top of his face and reached somewhere around his eyes to make him look like he was in trouble.

King could have been given a chance to challenge his innocence by the judiciary, and he may have proved it right, but the decision not to charge Waddell a week after being by his side for five weeks shows an inconsistency.

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King eye gouge raises questions! | 00:41

Aaron Booth

Titans ruckman Aaron Booth was not penalized by the MRC for a cannonball challenge on Raiders forward Joe Tappin.

The incident in the 32nd minute of the Titans’ 36-24 loss to the Raiders saw two Gold Coast players tackle the tape before Boot went in cannon-style from behind and round the legs late.

The tape caused a problem with the handle and the pair got into a brawl, resulting in the Raiders star being sent to the bin.

Heading to the Sinn Bin Tape, he asked the referee about the ball, but Ben Cummins said that had been ruled out.

The cannon ball is right up there with the hip drop as one of the most dangerous on the rugby league field in terms of its ability to inflict serious damage.

“When Aaron Booth went in on his knee, Joe Tappin must have felt what he thought was a cannonball,” Matt Russell said.

Aaron Booth takes on Joe Tappy.Source: FOX SPORTS

“You must be over the knee. Four or more.”

Although Booth was able to hit Tapine in the gut at first, the speed and power with which he entered the tackle as the third man behind him, Tapine had the potential to inflict serious damage, which is why he was so angry.

Gordon Tallis told Triple M that he didn’t think Patrick Carrigan’s problem was “as bad as some I’ve seen this year” and brought up the booze incident.

“So Aaron Booth, he went into (Joe Tappin’s) army at the back. “Which one is worse in your eyes?” he asked.

“I can’t believe it hasn’t been reported,” said Ben Dobbin.

James Hooper added: “It wasn’t even a penalty.

“Probably the one in the Titans game, he seems more interested in the fight,” James Graham added.

If he is serious about keeping MRC out of the game, Booth should at least be charged and given a chance to defend himself in court.

Failure to charge these incidents does not prevent players from using the cannonball tackle if they think they may be getting away with the technicality.

Tape punching the titan | 00:23

Patrick Carrigan

Broncos lock Patrick Carrigan faces a lengthy ban for his hip drop on Jackson Hastings after being sent straight to the referee’s panel.

Carrigan deserves a ban for the nasty tackle that broke Hastings’ leg and put him out for the season.

But, if the incident was serious enough to bring Carrigan straight to justice, why wasn’t he jailed or fired?

Nathan Cray has served a five-week ban after being sent off for a nasty tackle on Dylan Brown.

If Carrigan is looking at a similar suspension, the Tigers should have reduced the Broncos to 12 men for at least 10 minutes and gained the field advantage.

James Hooper believes Carrigan will miss the rest of the regular season with a five-week suspension.

Patrick Carrigan’s hip-drop case.Source: Submitted

“In any case, the fact that he was mentioned … I think Pat Carrigan has been ruled out for the rest of the season and is back for September,” Hooper said.

If Carrigan has breached a five-match ban, it’s puzzling how he hasn’t been sent off for the tackle, or at least sin-binned.

Gordon Tallis, on the other hand, questioned why Carrigan could face the same fate as Waddell, who will be sidelined for five weeks due to his contact lenses.

“If you told me that block was as bad as an eyelash … if someone put their fingers in your eye, I would bite their fingers off,” Tallis said.

Hastings’ injury has raised questions about whether he played a role in the punishment, which could lead to Asofa-Solomon returning to face a ban for breaking Egan’s jaw.

Carrigan’s hip drop hurts Hastings | 01:01

Jared Von-Hargeves

Roosters enforcer Jared Warea-Hargreaves escaped an earlier conviction after being accused by the Match Review Committee of a similar incident to Asofah Solomona.

The Roosters star was penalized and reported for elbowing Manly starter Zach Fulton in the face while on the ground.

Warea-Hargreaves’ punishment raises two questions. Why is a small punishment not a deterrent to these acts and why is it not prohibited?

Jared Warea-Hargreaves missed a penalty.Source: Getty Images

And since the Asofah-Solomon incident is widely believed to be far worse than the actions of the Rooster star, why wasn’t the storm front charged by the MRC?

Judge Grant Atkins labeled Waerea-Hargreaves’ actions unacceptable.

“Jared couldn’t do what he did, it’s unacceptable, and that’s why it happened to you,” Atkins said.

But how can unacceptable behavior on a rugby league field receive a paltry $3000 fine?

Coupled with the Asofa-Soloma incident, a small penalty for Warea-Hargreaves and no penalty for the Storm striker offers no protection to players who use these boring tactics.


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