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Matt Walls injuries after crash, photos

Cyclist Matt Walls has escaped serious injury after crashing into a crowd at the London Velodrome.

The 24-year-old walls flew over the barriers and into the audience in the front row – with one fan bleeding; the sun Reports.

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The crash, which involved several riders, occurred during the final lap of the Commonwealth Games men’s 15km dash, and medical teams were immediately rushed to the scene.

Walls was bloodied and needed stitches to his head after being taken to hospital.

But the Olympic omnium champion was in good spirits and flashed a big smile while in the treatment room.

Walls go into the crowd: John Walton/PA Wire
Walls go into the crowd: John Walton/PA WireSource: Submitted
Matt Walls shows the scars from the accidentSource: Submitted

“Thank you all for the messages and support!” Towers tweeted.

“Somehow I came away with no serious injuries, just a few stitches and a nice pinch.

“I hope everyone else involved is safe, including the spectators who were injured.’

Two other riders – Canadian Derek Gee and Isle of Man’s Matt Bostock – were taken to hospital as well as two spectators who were treated at the scene.

While neither of Walsh’s parents attended the race, his father, Larry, said he ran his wife, Lorraine, to the velodrome after the crash.

Matt was treated by medical staff. (Photo by Adrian Dennis/AFP)Source: AFP

“I was watching the games live on TV and Lorraine ran from the hotel to the velodrome after hearing the crash,” he said.

“It was a scary moment but after 45 minutes Matt regained consciousness and Lorraine arrived at the velodrome and we were all able to relax.

“Lorraine and Matt’s girlfriend Fleur visited him in hospital and he was doing well and was back at the hotel in the evening.”

This article originally appeared in The Sun and is reproduced with permission.

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