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Matthew Glaetzer robbed of bronze medal in men’s sprint

Aussie Matthew Glazer was robbed of a bronze medal in the men’s sprint.

In dramatic scenes that took officials more than an hour to review the footage, Glazer eventually went down in the third race against Scotland’s Jack Carlin and stripped him of his bronze medal, a decision Aussie cycling great Cathy Bates called “absolutely wrong”.

While Australian teammate Matthew Richardson won gold in the event, Glazer’s bronze-medal fare sent the cycling world into a frenzy.

Bates blasted speaking to Channel 7 when officials finally announced their verdict after an extensive review.

Officials said Glazer made contact with the Scottish rider as he went around the turn in the decisive third race.

Bates said the relationship was not enough for Glitzer to receive such a severe sentence.

There were suggestions Carlin started the relationship after he stepped out of line and unfairly treated Glazer. Carlin was seen briefly staggering when they met, but didn’t seem to mind the outcome.

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Australia’s Matthew Glazer overtakes Jack Carlin. Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP.Source: AFP

In the end, Glazer’s relegation gave Carlin the bronze medal.

Bates said this is completely unfair.

“I disagree. If you’re that picky, you’ll want every camera angle and definitely need super zoom, she said.

“I have nothing. Any deadline connection is when Jack Carlin swings up the track and reality hits Matt Glazer. If anyone stumbles, it’s Matt Glazer. But you have to respect the judges’ decisions. I’m not sure I respect this to be honest.

“I want it because I think rules are rules but I think this is a very stupid decision. I feel sorry for Matt Glaetzer. I don’t see how Australians can accept this and not feel robbed. It’s an absolute betrayal in my mind. I don’t think Jack Carlin will be happy about this change. Fair and square.” You want to win, and that’s the funniest takedown I’ve ever seen.

“I feel sorry for Matt Glazer. And I think it’s a poor interpretation.

“Glitzer looked absolutely devastated as the verdict was announced in heartbreaking scenes.

“You can see it on his face. This decision has broken him, it’s unfair in my opinion,” Bates said.

“He has no right to appeal. Perhaps the reason the decision took so long was because they were debating it, and certainly the Australians were arguing as hard as they could and fighting the case for Matt Glaetzer.

“This is absolute heartbreak for him. The look on his face, boys, has seen many tears on the velodrome tonight for reasons of happiness and now for reasons of sadness.

Matthew Glazer thought he would win another medal. Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images.Source: Getty Images

“I will not give my opinion. But I think that’s what everybody in Australia thinks now and I think the same as that guy on our screens. After a great effort from people for the last two days, we were very disappointed to get the bronze medal. Totally damaged.

She said the rule book is as clear as mud when it comes to the matter.

British cycling legend Chris Hoyme said it was a mistake that the fastest cyclist did not win the race.

“I’m Scottish and a Jack fan, but you have to say the fastest rider won that race,” he said of Glazer.

“The only question is, did Glazer make an impact when he passed? At first I think he was trying to defend himself and keep Jack from canceling the track and banning him. Jack didn’t, Jack held the line.

But Glazer punched a little and hit him. If he was literally two inches taller, he would have passed Jack and been fine. But knocking the jack can affect the outcome.

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