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Melbourne Demons def Brisbane Lions, Jack Viney stats, stand-in captain, pre-game speech, interview

The time will come when the person will come.

When Melbourne came under intense pressure from the Brisbane Lions on Thursday night, the likes of Jack Vini, as he has repeatedly done in his 162-game career, showed his willingness to move forward.

The leadership role is well known to Vinny – who co-captained between 2017 and 2019 – and once on Thursday, the 28-year-old confirmed why he passed the test.

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Lions deserve ‘final ceremonies’ after loss | 01:15

“I’m very proud to be a football club leader, I love the responsibility,” he told, winning 64 points, including 34 rebounds (19 competitors) and seven tackles. , Eight scoring and goal scoring.

When Max Gown goes down, all the football club leaders have to carry the extra load because he is a good leader and a very good player for us.

“I feel like all the leaders of our football club are up tonight.”

The animation at the pre-match address was so different from Vinny Kaga that it attracted a few eyes – Winnie himself admitted.

“Maybe I’m a little different from Ghani, maybe a little bit stronger. That’s how I wrap it up. ”

“I’ve been repeating Goodie’s messages about Mina throughout the week, and now I’m really strong.”

Vine could not do more than that.

“He enjoyed his role without Max Gaun. He led the way,” said Le Montagna at Fox Foot after the game.

At the end of the first quarter of Brisbane, he broke the ball, came out of the competition, won the ball and put pressure on everything he did.

Melbourne Demons Press Release | 06:01

“He led it beautifully. He has had a good month, the team is struggling but he is playing very strong foot. I thought he was very good. ”

The strength of the Winnie brand has been fully demonstrated, with the average only more than once pouring in, racing and exhaustion.

“When he was 18 years old, he was forced to play the game because he was too heavy for the other kids and hurt other kids,” says David King. .

“I think he always puts one of these games on for all of us and he says it’s who I am. I’m a little worried about the average player and I just spoil the night.”

Jason Dunstal agrees, adding: He is doing whipping to the people around him.

“If you want to show players how to approach a tournament or a football game, you can only show Jack Vinny.”

Winnie’s praises were sung by many throughout the night, including himself, and he was one of those who praised the strong almond performance on Twitter.

For Vinny, it’s all background noise … albeit good.

“It’s good to know that my fans and teammates really like what I bring to the game,” he said.

“I try and avoid gratitude and guilt. I try and keep my motivation neutral, focusing on my weekly thoughts.

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