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NRL360 co-host Paul Kent has slammed the news of five re-signings as “drip feeding”.

Melbourne released five players’ new contracts on five different social media channels on Wednesday afternoon – but Cameron Munster was not one of them.

George Jennings, Jayden Nikorima and Dean Jeremiah were given one-year contract extensions, while Marion Seve and Grant Anderson earned top-30 roster spots for 2023.

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Storm fans were eagerly awaiting the news, but Kent wasn’t buying it – explaining the move was a prime example of “how you make something out of nothing”.

“Let’s be honest, it’s a gimmick, it’s just a gimmick, it’s a shame,” Kent said on NRL360.

The Daily Telegraph’s Booth Rothfield replied: “What’s wrong… these are good top 30 players.”

“What they did was they were hyping the names of the five to be released on various forms of social media,” Kent said.

Buzz makes big predictions on Lodge | 01:55

“It was a shock… come on, how you do it out of nothing.

“These five names would not have struck a chord in the conversation of respectable people, unless Munster was among the five, and if he was not, everyone would have looked at him.”

Rothfield noted that the club recently surpassed 40,000 members — and the announcements were a fun way to break the club’s news.

“I can say this, it may not be in your interest, but their members and their supporters, they reached 40,000 members yesterday and they want to know this,” Rothfield said.

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“Pressure on Munster now!” | 01:10

“Listen, why don’t you put it out there at a press conference, sit there and do it last night.

“He puts this out and says, ‘Big announcement tomorrow,’ and then they bombard everyone with five different ads throughout the day.

“They are trying to create interest where there is none.”

“They’re not trying to appeal to your spouse, they have 40 thousand members,” Rothfield said.

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