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Melbourne Hurricane Brisbane Broncos 6-4 in Blockbuster clash at AMI Park

The storm opened with Cory Ots Broncos trying to get to Tami Chemicals before the 11th try of the year.

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18th minute

Kurt Capwell made his 11th attempt of the season for the Cory Ots with a pass to the Harlem Globe Trotors.

“How it goes,” says Dan Ginane.

16th minute

Dean Eremia won the toss and elected to field, but the goal was reversed.

9th minute

Tui Kamikaamika collided at close range, giving the storm a 6-0 lead.

Match preview

Melbourne Hurricane Brisbens host Brisbens at AMI Park

Ryan Pappenhuezen’s return from injury has been ruled out due to a positive covide test.

Harry Grant was named in the starting line-up after the prostitutes switched late last week.

Adam Reynolds suffered a hamstring injury for the Broncos, while Tyron Roberts returned in half.

Cotoni Stages recover from shoulder injury sustained in Origen 1, replacing the injured Herbby Farnworth by Brenko Lee.

Payne Hass injured his shoulder but was called up to play and took his place.

Kurt Capewell will return to action alongside Celvin Kobo in time for the Broncos injury.

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