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Mercedes blows another golden chance; McLaren slumps to new low: Austria quali talking points

The Red Bull Ring is short, fist-legged, but even on the Spielberg standard, the front margins were tight.

In just 0.029 seconds, Max Verstapen determined the position of the pole at the discretion of Charles Lecler, which is approximately 90 cm around this 4,318-kilometer track. Carlos Science was only 0.053 seconds behind his team-mate, promising it would be a total Ferrari test.

Still more promising, Q2 Louis Hamilton was only 0.188 seconds shy of the top spot, giving a hint that there could be a triple fight – more below.

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The only bittersweet note is the reaction of Verstapé supporters to the Hamilton Q3 crash. Although it has a relatively low impact and does not always hurt, it has been a constant source of screams at Silverson – to remind you of the toxicity of last year’s showdown between the Netherlands and Britain.

Mercedes wasted another chance

So far, this is another strong weekend for Mercedes, making it the first time the team has made two positive rounds in a row this season.

But the team has put its performance on the table, just as it did on the last two very encouraging weekends before arriving in Austria.

Hamilton was taken in the first round in Spain and had to recover on the field. He was fast-paced, but he could not get ahead.

The security car that was delayed in Silverson last week seemed to be ready for another battle, unless it stopped.

This weekend, both Hamilton and George Russell were in contention to compete with the top three on the Grid, but if not the front row, both would have given the German Marquee an extraordinary double retirement.

In particular, Hamilton partially told team leader Toto Wolf, who had an unrestricted number of errors, and admitted that the team had held a training session that day.

Hamilton dropped to 10th at the end of the Q3, and although the British were clearly saddened, the car was known for its competitiveness on the track that was expected to challenge the W13.

“I feel very sorry for myself, in the end,” he said. “I think we were fighting for the three great men, and I have no answer – I only lost in the back 7 and that was it.

“I am definitely encouraged to see our performance. We didn’t expect to be as close as we are today, so that’s a big positive for the team.

“I’m really far away, so I don’t know what to do there, but we also have a race, so I hope to make up for what I lost tomorrow.

Fifth-ranked Russell was similarly inspired, noting that Mercedes had a better day-to-day performance than usual.

“I think I went the wrong way [I’m] Maybe it’s a good place to be. ”

“We have a better running speed than we normally do. We are definitely in the fight.

“As a team, it’s probably the best performance of the year in terms of speed, but it’s also the worst in terms of results. That’s a race. ”

The team’s expected speed will come in the right weekend for the Sprint format. The challenge now is to clean up after yourself on the weekends.

McLean’s worst performance of the year

Sprint weekends require perfection, but McLaren is a far cry from this weekend.

Teams and drivers will only get one training session to qualify. In this regard, car optimization is basically locked. Weekends.

McLaren was wrong.

The team was hurt by technical problems that caused the Red Flag to be raised, leaving the team in a state of disarray.

Lando Norris was forced to stop near the FP1 truck with smoke billowing from his seat, and although his MCL36 seemed largely unharmed, he did not return to the British garage for hours to return. With maintenance.

Norris then turned to the old special power unit to qualify. This is not the first time in Canada that he has returned to the old engine before qualifying.

Daniel Richard has improved a lot. His DRS flap was tremendous for most of the session – he was injured by a broken DRS at the British Grand Prix last week – and he was too late to run when the team finally found a temporary solution. Soft tires.

The Australian went on to finish 16th in Q1, and although Norris has grown into Q2, he has a high level of confidence in the brakes, which ranks 15th, just one point ahead of Grid, the worst combination of the season.

Photo by Jure Makovec / AFP
Photo by Jure Makovec / AFPSource: AFP AFP

McLaren, who regularly grows in the Red Bulls – Norris is on stage in 2020 and 2021 – makes the result even more shocking.

The team is enduring an incredible season in Azerbaijan last month. That was before Canada’s fast-paced and poorly run competition and the pitfalls and technical problems in the UK.

Alpine, meanwhile, is closing its current six-point gap to fourth. And both Esteban O’Connor and Fernando Alonso are 10 more ahead this weekend and the French team is now a more consistent machine.

Norris said at least the car is fast enough to reach 10th grade and is looking forward to building the race.

Good day: HAAS

Steria’s Hass’s all-time top scorer, fourth and fifth at the 2018 Austrian Grand Prix, and this year the team has achieved both goals in Q3.

It was a good morale booster for the team, which did not bring the only improvement package of the year until the middle of the season – being able to do well in a small amount of practice confirms the approach of trying to squeeze out the performance. Build a car with a deep understanding of how to get the best out of it.

Watching Mike Schumacher’s match will also be fun for Kevin Magnusen, the German is tenth slower than Denmark.

The only problem was that the team entered both cars in Q3 two weeks ago, the Canadian Grand Prix, and then failed to score in both cars. Interestingly, last week both drivers were involved in a Q1 crash, but both cars came to the point.

So which Haas will be wet for the rest of the weekend? Excessive punches or sinking stones?

Bad day: Aston Martin

Aston Martin can’t cut his 2022 car with a cutting edge. Performance has improved since the Spanish Grand Prix major upgrade package, especially for more than one round.

Yes, the silver lining team is the result of at least one car in a race since Barcelona, ​​but it will inevitably go a long way beyond what it should – and this is the third consecutive race for both drivers. Failed in Q3.

Complicating matters was the fact that both drivers were particularly troubled by track limit violations, which led to Sebastian Vettel’s particularly vicious flight to Q2.

The sprint gives the team a chance to practice that speed for a better grid on Sunday, but by the middle of the season this well-to-do team must still be below average to qualify.

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