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Michael Walters interview with Eddie Betts, photo with Nic Naitanui, Chris Yarran jail, Fremantle beats St Kilda

You can feel the love and mutual respect between Michael Walters and Eddie Betts on Saturday night.

Minutes after Saturday night’s win over Fremant St Kilda at Marvel Stadium, another significant victory for the Dokers’ fourth-place finish – they joined Walters and Fox Football. Best on the ground Panel to review the game.

Speaking to Walter of the camera barrel, Bethes spoke a few words in Nongar, the official language of the Aboriginal people in southwestern Australia.

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Bets continued: “What I said to Sony was that he played very well and is great and I hope he finishes the season well.

Walters said: “Thank you, brother. I love you Idol. “

When asked by Fox Foot Jonathan Jonathan if he thought Bets had covered the banana experiment, Walter said: “Nah is definitely not. I steal all those from Eddie.

“He was one of my idols. I like to see him and Cyril playing and everything I do on the field is based on their game.

The famous Walters image, Nick Naitanui and Chris Yaran – three AFL players who grew up on the same street in Midvalle – were then featured on the show

“That photo is incredible, isn’t it?” Walters with a smile. “I have no idea why I am on his (Jaran’s) shoulder.

“We are a family-centered suburb, everyone is very close and to this day everyone is very close.

“To compete with those boys, I couldn’t think of better friends to do that.”

Walt then asked Walter if he had recently met with Yaran, who had recently been released from a mild prison after serving three years in Perth.

“It looks good,” Walters said. “It’s going well.

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“I didn’t get a chance to meet him with all this Viva stuff, but I will definitely be there in time.

“But I heard that he was doing well. I will send him a text because I have his number.

The Walters Dokers are now 12-4 and are in the top four in the playoffs.

Fremantl is well on its way to finishing in the top four for the first time since 2015 – but the year the Dokers finished top of the standings, they lost to Hawthorn in the first round.

“This team feels the same way about our relationship (with 2015),” Walter said.

“At the club and away from the club, all the boys are always together and we meet face to face. It makes us play good football.

“But we still have a long way to go. We still have to put our best foot forward to make the final. We know there are still many teams that need to compete, and I hope we can do that.

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