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Incomplete collections are a nightmare for NRL coaches and a wasteful game is also frustrating.

Competition experts take pride in completing as much effort as possible, and this statistic is usually at the top of the rankings.

But counting incomplete collections does not tell the whole story. Some groups make most of their mistakes on the fifth day, which means. Almost Complete the set and you have wasted only one game in that set.

Other teams make mistakes earlier in the count, which means they have wasted a lot of potential games. If a team makes a mistake in the first tack, it loses four more games than the fifth tack.

This ‘Wasted Games’ statistic gives us a more complete picture of which teams are the most wasted – but there is an amazing team that has collected the most ‘wasted games’ this season!

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16. EELS – 23.64 per game

Ellis has the fewest races in the competition, with an average of just 6.79 per game in 2022.

They are more likely to make mistakes in the club’s third and fourth tackles in the club’s 14 games, with the least amount of games lost.

Brad Arthur’s team lost only 331 games, followed by only 376 cavalry.

Match Moses and Dylan Brown are leading the way with an average of 23.64 lost games per game.

15. Panthers – 25.87 per game

No wonder here – the team on the stage is an effective machine.

The Panthers averaged 7.4 incomplete sets in one game and 388 plays, more than Iles, Storm and Equestrian.

Overall, however, Jarom Lui and Nathan Kerry have averaged just 25.87 per game.

Interestingly, the Panthers have made a series of fouls on their fourth tackle, handing over more possession 29 times, which is eight more than their second tackle.

This may highlight their desire to take risks at this stage of the collection, rather than waiting for a fifth solution.

14. Storm – 26.21 per game

The storm record has 7.64 incomplete sets per game and 376 second-lowest perceptions, thanks to a three-star streak thanks to Harry Grant, Cameron Munster and Jarom Hughes.

Craig Bellamy’s team has a reputation for being brutal in the attack and, clearly, is 14th in the league with 26 points.

Melbourne is the third team to make a mistake in their fifth game of the season against 21 this season.

Once the hurricane has regained its full-strength spine, expect less wasted activity.

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13. Knives – 26.86 per game

The Cavaliers have lost 26.86 games per game to finish 13th, which is a staggering statistic considering their position on the ladder.

Adam O’Brien’s team finished 12th with four wins, but they are statistically clinical when they finish their set.

Newcastle had the fewest losses in the third round, but the Tigers had the lowest total of 196 points.

The Cavaliers made several mistakes in the fourth round of the NRL.

12. COWBOYS – 27.80 per game

The Cowboys boast one of the worst attacks of the tournament in 2021 and have improved significantly by 2022.

It is now the most efficient attacking unit in North Queensland and sits 14th in a total of 27.80 games lost.

The Cowboys only recorded an unfinished set of 7.8 games per game and finished with a total of 117 points since the start of the Mastro Chad Townside Maker.

But Todd Paine people are not afraid to throw the ball, so their place but still remain an effective force in the attack.

11. TIGERS – 27.86 per game

The tigers’ position on this list may be surprising to many, but when the likes of Luke Brooks and Jackson Hastings are combined, the team often makes the final game.

The merger club has a total of 108 incomplete sets, with an average of 7.71 per game and an average of 27.86 per game.

While these statistics remain strong, they do not translate into offensive performance, and are currently at the bottom of the list.

In the coming weeks, Brett Kimmore will be hoping to unleash some attacking skills.

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10. Sea Eagles – 28.27 per game

Dess Hassler’s side are in third place with only 7.27 points per game.

Meanwhile, they have lost 28.27 games per game and a total of 424 games in the 2022 season.

The Eagles have scored more than three of their top eight points and are currently ranked 10th in the competition.

Manley scored 320 points, is still successful and is low on waste.

9. BRONCOS – 28.36 per game

The Broncos have played a wide range of football in 2022, making them stand out from the rest of the game.

The Broncos are in fifth place but have lost 28.36 games per game, a total of 397 this year.

Interestingly, Kevin Walters made 20 mistakes at zero, added two, hit three and four.

8. Dragon – 30.14 per game

The Dragons are ranked top for the overall unbeaten streak, with a score of 9.07 per game, with only three teams in total.

Meanwhile, St. George’s Ilawara Club has 422 wasted games and has 30.14 records per game – the first team to break the list with 30 points.

Their position on this ladder is similar to their position on the ladder, they are currently in the final round of the 16th round.

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7. Titans – 30.80 per game

The Titans struggled to attack in 2022 – finally sitting on the ladder with just three wins.

In terms of last place, they are seventh on this list, with a total of 462 wasting 30.8 games per game.

But Justin Holbruck’s side benefited from Toby Sexton’s clever cooking and recorded only 122 incomplete sets.

A strong indicator of the presence of a strong ball, they are less likely to make a last-ditch performance and are only ninth in the competition.

6. RAIDERS – 32.40 per game

Ricky Stuart’s men have had a good start to the 2022 season but are improving in recent weeks.

The inclusion of Jamal Fogarti will be huge and will reduce the Raiders’ 32.4 games lost per game.

With Jack Whiteton and Fogarti forming a joint venture and Reds playing, the capital club will reduce their nine-match unbeaten run.

5. Bulldogs – 32.60 per game

The Bulldogs have been electrically powered for the past two games, but their offensive start to the year has seen them lose 32.60 games.

Matt Burton found the group in the half and wanted to reduce the sides to 8.8 innings.

The Bulldogs, meanwhile, have the second-highest zero-tolerance error, which immediately returns to the favor of their opponents.

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4. Warriors – 32.73 per game

By 2022, the Warriors’ attack was weak, resulting in 32.73 per game lost.

Now the fighters are returning to New Zealand in time and improvement is expected after spending a long time in the Red Devils.

The stumbling block of the warriors is highlighted in the fourth error.

The Stacey Jones team made 30 mistakes on the fourth tackle, either when teams wanted to line up or force a recurring set.

3. ROOSTERS – 33.20 per game

The chickens will not reach their peak in 2022.

Many have been linked with a move to the Premier League, but they are now third in the table with 33.20.

Luke Kerry and Sam Walker often failed to gel and Roster’s attack was difficult.

Trent Robinson is hoping that one of his players will take over, with the club finishing second with 143 incomplete sets.

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2. Sharks – 33.36 per game

Surprisingly, sharks are amazing this season.

Given these statistics, it can be hard to believe that after 15 rounds, Kronula’s side is in fourth place.

But there is always room for improvement and the shark’s handling errors and lack of ultimate gameplay are obvious.

Craig Fetzigbon’s side record is 33.36 per game per game and 9.64 per game, the second most incomplete set.

1. RABBITOHS – 36.29 per game

After their 2021 heroes, many did not believe that the rabbis would be shot in 2022.

The loss of Adam Reynolds is hurting Jason Dimitrio’s side, who have a clear 10.79 unbeaten streak in the league in one game.

Laclan Ilias was given the responsibility of organizing the event and the starter was strong, but overall as a team, the Rabitos were sub-peers.

Redfried Club has averaged 508 wasted games, averaging 36.29 per game.

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