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There is a well-known feeling for all of this.

Fabio Quatararo has developed a comfortable lead at the top of the table, not with pure speed.

Dukati has the fastest bike, but his rival, Francesco Banya, has been unable to do anything but throw himself into the abyss.

Honda continued without a fight.

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The key to the history of the season seems to have come all the way to the German Grand Prix, and with the race marking the halfway point of the season and with only one round left, the season is about to take on something special. To leave the sport on time to make a difference in the outcome.

Consistency winners winners

It’s ridiculous. Fabio Qatararo has won just three competitions this season, but he seems to be winning all year.

Maybe the 2021 campaign will be a mental response, or maybe it’s just a way for him to fully control the races during his tenure, so you can hardly imagine anyone riding before him. He feels that the bike is as old-fashioned as it used to be.

It is a title-based fantasy. The Frenchman is not clear at the top of the table this season, but he is 34 points ahead of Alex Spargaro and 61 points ahead of Johan Zarco. Another three-time winner, Ania Bastiani, is 72 points behind.

And these are good riders, like Francesco Bania, Jack Miller, Brad Binder and the rest. But even all these other drivers leave percentages on the table – or in Peco’s case, in gravel.

In Catalonia, prior to his disappearance, Spargaro acknowledged that he was in a hurry to win on his bike and tire, but estimated how much control was needed around the tire killer track. Qatar did not.

Photo by Ronnie Hartman / AFP
Photo by Ronnie Hartman / AFPSource: AFP

This weekend, in the crucial but tense European heat wave, Quattararo leaned forward and clung to what he had learned from his usual tactical training. Others are wrong and on the way to the grid and even to the grid. Qatararo got it right, but the rest did not.

And, of course, you put it all in the context of the 13th and a half minutes of the next great Yama rider – about one second per second – and you realize that Qatar is making a difference.

It is not about winning or starting a point or the front row. It’s just about Fabio.

“The problem for me is not the points – 34 points is not too much,” said Espegaroro. “The problem is that he is always faster than I am on Sundays.

“Fabio won easily. So the problem is faster than me on Sunday. I need to get some speed.

PECCO BAGNAIA and the unfathomable weight of enormous performance

Alex Spargaro is the only person in the world who has really shouted at the championship, considering the point of the point. Two years ago, Francesco Bania was in danger after defeating the Italian Grand Prix, but in many competitions two losses were completely lost.

Peko has won four DNFs in 10 races this season, including Joan Mir, who suffered a concussion at Suzuki and George Martin, who has been riding a nerve in his right hand until last week.

It ranks sixth with 81 points. This is less than half of Qatar’s 172 points at the top of the table.

If the devastation in Barcelona last season did not fulfill his trophy hopes – the only disaster he suffered – then it certainly did. It is possible to return from this mathematically, but the situation is now completely out of his control.

Photo by Ronnie Hartman / AFPSource: AFP

It is difficult to know what is most frustrating about the situation.

The fact that Bagana is clearly receiving performance levels from GP2 is stable for most of the rest of Dukati. Luca Marini, who finished fifth, said before the race:

Bagnaya then appears to have reverted to the risky paths he left behind after growing up in the factory team last season.

Or maybe he was finding new ways to equip his major fitness events on Sunday – so even Bagana himself was confused about how the race ended on a rock.

“Certainly, if I fall, it’s because I made a mistake,” he said. But in this case it is very difficult to know why, why not. When we look at the information, it is impossible to understand things.

“I can’t explain. I’m very angry about that. Because when you fall and you know why you are wrong, I myself am very critical. But I can’t be today.

No question on the bike Bagnaia is in a hurry to win this championship. To do this is simply not being on a bike.

Photo by Pa Barena / AFPSource: AFP

The pressure is off for Jack

Jack Miller’s tiring and thrilling ride was certainly one of the best from the penalty spot, and it is no coincidence that the KTM switch was announced for the next season.

In addition to securing his future, Dukati ended a series of one-year deals, persuading him to finally move on without mentioning his missing satellite supply for the next year.

Miller has always insisted that he can correct the hypothesis that comes with these one-year contracts, but it is undeniable that they have angered him – after all, he is not afraid to complain because he is permanently out of contract. With general rider market rhythm.

Not only was he able to play a major role in his sudden departure to the factory team, but he also secured the long-awaited two-year contract.

The pressure is finally gone, and it is amazing what self-confidence can do for an athlete.

His battle with Alex Spargaro to gain a foothold on the stage highlighted Australia’s sentiments. He tried the Spanish defense and mocked him until he made a mistake. It is an exaggeration to say that Miller was right on his journey in the future – he broke down many times in search of that opening – but he has never been out of control as he tries to move forward. Across the field.

Photo by Ronnie Hartman / AFPSource: AFP

“When I was chasing someone, I was running very fast. Even so, I feel good because I have a lot of confidence, ”Miller wrote on his website.

“I’m really looking forward to the next race, because it’s so exciting when you can ride here and attack the corners as much as I can.”

He is now riding for himself – not out of selfishness or neglect of the team, but like a cavalryman who has no proof when he tries to close this chapter of work.

It will be interesting to see for the rest of the year.

Honda fell down rock.

Last week was good news for Honda, but unfortunately it did not come on track.

A.D. Mark Marquez, who is relatively new from his fourth surgery, is making good progress in repairing his broken arm by 2020. He does not move his arms, he does not feel any pain and he is starting to get out of control, which he will do next month.

And that’s where the good news for Honda begins and ends, because once the all-conquering Japanese brand was the worst in 40 years there was nothing worthwhile to write about in Germany from a weekend.

The manufacturer has four riders at the German Grand Prix. None of them scored.

LLC CR’s Alex Marquez and Takaki Nakagami have both clashed, with Paul Spargaro retiring after much training. Mark Marquez’s replacement, Stefan Bradel, was placed in a difficult 16th place and suffered burns to his hands and feet as a result of some of the team’s ongoing defensive tests.

A.D. After the French Grand Prix in 1981, Honda failed to score with at least one rider, although in that case the three riders withdrew from the protest. Normally, the final result was in the Netherlands TT in 1981.

The Canadian package is’ faster than Max ‘, but science is still failing because of Mercedes’ promise of news.

Winners and Defeats Crash – Shane Van Gizbergen Hosts Extreme Defeat of Darwin Triple Crown

‘Forgetful Week’ ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Honda is at the bottom of the manufacturer’s standings, 12 points behind the Suzuki team and 140 points behind leader Ducati’s bike. There is only one platform for the entire season, owned by Paul Spargaro, and you remember the deep fog of time, the opening of the season, the Grand Grand Prix of Qatar. From then on, he had to complete one of the top five.

At the same time, this is an all-in-one and all-in-one strategy.

Paul Spargaro is certain to leave the club at the end of the season. It seems that Taka Nakagami is being replaced. Alex Marquez’s future is in the clouds.

Only a driver who is unable to ride a bicycle will be guaranteed a seat next season, and the team needs him. Like Qatararo in Yama, he is the only one who can describe the machine. Without it, the team would face a long, painful, and sometimes meaningless reconstruction.

Thanks for the good news last weekend.

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