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Don’t blame the history of Jamaica’s victory over Australia in the Super Netball tournament at the Commonwealth Games.

The 57-55 victory – Australia’s first in the pool stage – can be called “the upset of the games”, but I don’t think this was a shock.

I think there has been a lot of talk about the form of the Jamaicans going into this game and they have been a team that hasn’t suited the game in the past.

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Maybe one game wins you and the next you play them and beat them by 40 goals.

But I think we’ve seen a real change – there’s been a real air of growth in the last 12 months, especially with their players in the domestic competition, Super Netball.

I think it’s time for them to step up and have a good game, which they did on Thursday night at the Diamond.

Yes, six of the Sunshine Girls’ 12-player squad will participate in the domestic tournament.

There’s no doubt that our competition is considered the best in the world, and it’s because of players like Jamaican Janiel Fowler and Shamira Sterling.

But for me, I don’t like the comments surrounding Super Netball imports and what this is doing to our international players.

I think: ‘Well, if other players can grow and become better, our Australian players should do the same because they’re playing with the best.’

I think for world netball, not just for domestic competition, but how the strength and performance of the players taking trials is developing.

What we saw from the Sunshine Girls on Thursday night was still not a four-quarter performance.

In the final quarter, Jamaica showed that real discipline, working the ball right to the edge of the circle to feed Janiel Fowler.

And once the ball touches the edge of the circle, it’s very difficult to stop it – a big ask for any defender, not just Australian goalkeeper Courtney Bruce.

Her size, position and she is incredibly strong. She knows how to use that body

They took the ball really high and Australia couldn’t get it back.

But for Jamaica, the discipline to do that for the four quarters could be the difference in their medal chances – they could be too undisciplined or inconsistent.

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