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The football community is mourning the death of South Australian legend and Australian Football Hall of Fameer Neil Carley.

Two-year-old SANFL Premier League coach and two-time Premier League captain Carley was towed away by a trailer Wednesday afternoon, killing the vehicle and crashing into a fence in Paddock.

He was 88.

Born to Donald Neil Kerley, Kerley played 265 games at SANFL and coached 628 games.

Most of his matches were played at West Adelaide, four times better and more equitable.

In some South Adelaide and Glennell matches, he was captain-coach in the 1960s.

Football coach Neil Carley Celebrating the West Adelaide Premier League in 1983. Picture sharp-presentedSource: News News Corp Australia

Krill, nicknamed “Knoxles, King” and Kerles, has played 32 games for South Australia – six times as captain, a member of the Australian Football Association and a South Australian Football Hall of Fame.

Carly’s career spanned 17 years and he coached for decades.

He is the only SANFL coach to have won the Premier League title at a number of clubs for more than three decades. He was the electorate of the entire Australian team.

Kerley was appointed football manager for the newly formed Adelaide Kraus in 1991. Star Adelaide recruiter Mark Ricito Curly laughs as he remembers the day he wanted to play for the Crows.

Neil Carly (center) with SA footballers Graham Cornes and Gavin Wangani in 2018. Painting Brenton EdwardsSource: News News Corp Australia

“Neil Carly came to Waikiri,” Ricciuto recalled the story of Triple M.

“I was just 16 years old and my closest partner ran to the changing rooms and said, ‘Neil Kerley is going to see you!’ i’ve got.

“Curls trembles, he has an esky filled beer, Dad where is his son playing today?

“I was playing in the front pocket and Kerls said, ‘I didn’t drive all this way to see the front pocket play, put it in the middle.’

“So I played in the pockets ahead and they stuck to the beers and after I kicked the 10th Kerls, I said to my father, ‘Take it down to Adelaide next year, I think it’ll be okay.'”

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