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NSW’s use of the voting ax The blues are completely wrong for me.

In a series online, Brad Fetler and Greg Alexander Blues have chosen to make five changes as they have opened themselves up to big criticism.

There will be a Coach Master Stroke or Unexpected Accident at 10pm on Sunday night.

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Freddie knows it better than anyone.

Reagan Campbell-Gildard may consider himself strong – as Jack Trbojevich did in the beginning – but with the rest of the changes, this NSW side seems to be more balanced in terms of trying to reach the top.

Stephen Creekton should never have been I14 for starters and Api Corissa should have been a must-start in NSW 17.

The Blues have agreed to name their first prostitute, Damien Cook, 14.

The Blues’ Cotton Stags knew that sometimes it was a dangerous idea for the opening game to wait until the ball came to him instead of looking for the ball.

Of course, when he caught the ball, Staggs could be as destructive as any other player in the game, but the Blues knew the bottom line well.

Stephen Crickton has now been selected in the right midfield.

Damien Cook, Tariq Sims and Cotton Stages are all ahead of the game.Source: Getty Images

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Tarik Sims did not look good on dragons in the NRL and was a dangerous choice for Origin I.

Cameron Murray, left-back, is a better option with quick balls and ball play.

First of all, Jack Turbo should never have been thrown and he went straight to the first half to lead the Blues as he defended in the middle.

I was amazed at Ryan Merson’s original choice.

Burton received the good news from Freddie! | 00:29

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Although Sifa Talaki is not entirely sure how to use it, his solid frame seems to have been built for his native football.

When asked about all the changes on Monday morning, Fitler was firing live.

“I was confident with the first team, but I have to go there and pick the team that we can win and that’s it,” Fittler said.

“When you hit, you have to re-evaluate.

“We don’t have any safety net right now. We went into the first game thinking about what the game will be like and what we can do, but it didn’t happen.

“So I think we can win when we go to Perth with the team.”

The Marons, meanwhile, were forced to make only two changes, with Ruben Cotter and Javier Cots both ruled out due to injury.

Pat Carigan was replaced by Form Cott, and Murray Tulagi gave the form to North Queensland.

What do you think of the Blues and Marons for Generation II?

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