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New Zealand coach feels FIFA let them down with ´absolutely atrocious´ refereeing in World Cup playo

New Zealand head coach Danny Hey criticized the referee for being “absolutely horrible” and said he had lost the FIFA 2022 World Cup qualifier against Costa Rica on Tuesday.

All whites could not qualify for the World Cup after losing 1-0 to Doha in Doha after Joel Campbell scored in the third minute.

New Zealand’s first-half Chris Wood’s goal was controversially denied by the VAR and a free-kick was disallowed, and Costa Barbaruz was sent off after a 69th-minute video conference.

Hey FIFA has been criticized for appointing United Arab Emirates referee Mohammed Abdalla and for his performance in the crucial game.

In a statement to reporters after the game, Hai said:

“When we saw the ad, we saw Australia and Peru with good European service last night. [Slovenian Slavko Vincic]I thought FIFA had made a mistake in this crucial game.

He added: “If he is faithful. I thought some of the officers were absolutely horrible.

“The unauthorized goal was when two players were fighting for the ball. He could have gone to Matt Garrett to start the affair. VAR participated and copied that.

Former New Zealand defender Winston Reid, who previously played for West Ham United and Brentford, echoed the coach’s wishes.

“My general concern is, I wish FIFA would give us a more experienced player like this. But that’s the way it is, ”Reed told Sky TV.

“There were some decisions that did not go our way, unfortunately.

But this is part of football and this is what is happening today. It’s just sad ”

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