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Rabitohs star Cody Walker is completely blind to the Cavaliers and scored twice in 45 minutes.

Southampton lost half-time defender Laklan Ilias in the opening 30 seconds of a nasty head injury, but Walker took over without him.

The Browns lead 38-28 after 75 minutes.

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The Cavaliers used the first disturbance to make three attempts in 10 minutes, but they were all rabbis from the 25th minute.

Elias’ early defeat The Browns did not stop Walker’s opening goal in the ninth minute.

But in the 14th minute, Dom Yang scored in the 60th minute before the South’s 90th-minute equalizer.

The Cavaliers made three attempts in 10 minutes, followed by David Clamer and Badman’s excellent cross, and South winger Richard Kenar pulled two back.

Walker then made a brilliant interception, running 80 meters and scoring in half an hour.

Walker facilitated the first attempt in the second half, giving Kenar his first NLL hat trick and extended Tevita Tatola’s lead in the 52nd minute.

Seven days after becoming the first cavalry player in history, Edrick Lee made his sixth attempt in seven weeks.

Southampton star Lateral Mitchell designed Jackson Paulo from end to end.

Newcastle’s Mich Barnett scored in the 68th minute to restore his side’s lead to 10 points.

Rabbitohs Cody Walker celebrated his second attempt. Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

68th minute

Match Barnett, the second-in-command of the Knights, crashed in the distance.

63rd minute

Southampton star Lateral Mitchell designed Jackson Paulo from end to end.

58th minute

Seven days after becoming the first rider in history to score five goals in a game, Edrick Lee dropped his sixth attempt in a week.

52nd minute

Rabito re-entered, and this time it was Tevita Tatola after the Knights Fulback Tex Hai failed to quell the Cody Walker riot.

42nd minute

Richard Kenar, 27, has his first NRL hat trick after another beautiful pass from Cody Walker.

“In conclusion, he pumped twice, look. It Was A Good Passage ”

“The attack looks very silly tonight. What a night from Wolverine,” Dan Guinane replied.

38th minute

South No.6 was blinded before he got the ball from Naitis striker Matt Crocker and ran the 80m.

“Drop Cody Walker and it’s all over. With a big smile on Cody Walker’s face, Matt Crocker read:

“He took out his left hand,” replied Steve Rows.

30th and 33rd minutes

South winger Richard Kenarr has twice the fastest shot. First thanks to Latre Mitchell for easy drawing and passing.

Kenar was a late replacement for Alex Johnston (Quad) and quickly proved to be a genius, thanks in part to the Cody Walker chip near the line.

25th minute

Edrick quickly tried a second time to help his name and jumped on the bandwagon to pick up the same fashion bomb.

He then searched for a passing teammate and found Bradman Best without scoring.

18th minute

Equestrian No. 6 Anthony Milford hit Edrick Lee David Clemmer’s flying ball.

Referee Todd Smith initially ruled that there was no attempt, but replays showed no violations and Newcastle took the lead.

15th minute

Newcastle winger Dominic Young scored the best attempt of the season in 60 seconds.

South seemed to be on target, but Young tried and saved before the Cavaliers dropped the ball.

They went straight to the field and Yang tried to get the corner and finished the team.

9th minute

Cody Walkler showed good skills in picking up weak passes and crossing short distances and then crossed over to the opening attempt.

Banner watched because Walker ran team-mate Thomas Berges behind him, but the cavalry failed because there were not enough defenders.

1st minute

Southampton lost half-time defender Lachlan Ilias in a head-to-head clash with team-mate Tevita Tatola.

Knights’ executive Mitch Barnett took the game’s second tackle and Elias was choked after three Southern players entered the fray.

When No. 7 was cut above the eye, he immediately began to bleed and was taken to HIA, which failed.

In the Fox League, Dan Guinane said:

“It’s hard to lose half your back in the second half,” replied Steve Roers.

South Sydney half back Lachlan Ilias.Source fall-FOX SPORTS

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Match preview

The Newcastle riders host South Sydney Rabitoh in a crucial clash at the McDonald’s Jones Stadium.

The rabbis made a lot of changes an hour before the game, with Richard Kenarre coming off the bench and Shaqua Mitchell coming into the bench.

Jacob Saifiti was called up to the Blues after Jordan McLean’s injury and was able to leave the bench with Pasami Saulo.

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Jayden Brayley is set to return from a long-term injury to Achilles, while Bradman Best has also been sidelined with an elbow injury and will start on time with Dane Gagai on the Origin.

Texan, who lost his ankle last week to a concussion, will take over with Kalin Ponga on Marion’s No. 1 jersey.

For the Rabbitohs, Mark Nichols was first assigned to the bench and then locked up with Davy Moal due to hidden protocols.

Former Roster striker Daniel Suluka-Fifita will make his debut for the club after being substituted in the middle of the season.

Southampton full-back Latre Mitchell will play his second game after recovering from a hamstring injury.

Seventh-ranked rabbis are desperate to strengthen their place in the eighth-highest, and the 12th-ranked riders must win to keep their last hopes alive.

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