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A.D. On November 15, 2017, Miles Jedinak calmly converted two penalties after a free kick and Soccerros resumed his men’s World Cup final for the fourth time.

In 884 days, 22 matches in 22 countries were the culmination of a qualifying campaign.

That night, he took the performance of a real captain from Jedinak – the Australian Captain, with his beard-like beard – and three sets for another historic victory.

Six days later, Angie Postcoglou stepped down from Soccer’s coaching job and led them to the 2014 World Cup, winning the historic Asian Cup and returning to Russia.

“All of this has affected me personally and professionally. I have invested as much as I can? ” His words illustrate the great pressure and oppressive burden of training Australia.

Four and a half years later, the same thing happened. Do-or-die knockout matches for a place in the World Cup will be held in Qatar this November.

Australia will face the UAE in Doha on Wednesday at 4am AEST.

The winner will face Peru next Tuesday (also 4am AEST) for the World Cup. 180 minutes is only between Soccerros and the fifth consecutive World Cup final.

A.D. Much has changed since his victory over Honduras in Sydney on the night of November 2017. But, in the same way, it is the same as many.

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Socceroos Defeat Final Over Jordan | 01:47

As in the past, Socrates has come a long and arduous path to success. Kovid-19 Almighty Spencer wiped his work on the calendar for 567 days. Coach Graham Arnold himself was infected with the virus twice, forcing him to coach the team in two key matches. It was a must-have for returnees – often on different occasions. Some stayed for months overseas to play their part on the road to Qatar. The sacrifices and losses incurred by the players and staff cannot be overstated.

But Socceroos still seems to be on the mend. He set a world record for a campaign with a 3-1 victory over Oman 3-1 in October last year. While the results are good on paper, the result lines only hold paper on the cracks. Failure to dismantle orderly and deep defenses. Weakness in defensive transition. Lack of tactical variability or any similarity to ‘Plan B’. Players in groups are out of place. Exploring more in depth, the lack of real-world talent? in case.

Those cracks will soon turn into cracks.

Days after defeating Oman, Soccerros travels to Japan to face the undefeated Zamora Blue-Australians. Soccer, which Japan was struggling with at the start of its qualifying campaign, was the team leader and winner.

Arnold has no doubt about the prospect of victory for his team in court. It had the same controversy before the Japanese conflict.

“The Japanese have no doubt against them because they have only won one of the three games,” he said. Every time we go out on the field we expect to win the game… and we will do it again on Tuesday.

Sydney, Australia - March 24 ከር Soccerros coach Graham Arnold at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Qualifiers between Australia Soccerros and Japan at Accor Stadium March 24, 2022 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)
Sydney, Australia – March 24 ከር Soccerros coach Graham Arnold at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Qualifiers between Australia Soccerros and Japan at Accor Stadium March 24, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

In the 86th minute, the Australians won 2-1 thanks to their own goal. The world record race has taken place. After that, Socrates will win only one of the remaining seven qualifiers – even after a 763-day exile and playing in the Australian public.

Socceroos have won 35 of those 11 consecutive victories over China, Taipei, Jordan, Kuwait, Nepal and Vietnam and conceded just 3 goals.

Those six teams have played a total of two World Cup matches. Australia has faced 11 strong opponents in Saudi Arabia and Japan ahead of the World Cup, with Socrates missing out.

In four matches, the record was bad. He scored just one goal – a free kick from Ajdin Harustic in Saitama. The Socceroos did not regain their confidence after the defeat of Japan. Victories over relatively weak opponents, if not worse, began with a draw – China 1-1, Oman 2-2.

A.D. 2022 The trip to Qatar turns into a transition. The cracks became a cliff. 11 consecutive victories changed from seven matches to one. Socceroos missed the automatic filter before the playoffs.

Sydney, Australia – March 24’s Socceroos’ Matthew Ryan’s 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier against AFC Asia between Australia Soccer and Japan March 24, 2022 at Acor Stadium in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

And so we arrived today. A situation similar to the last time. Do-or-die defeat. A team under high pressure and a team that strives to form and maintain a clear style of play.

But there are key differences for 2017: two playoffs, not four. In the past, there were two-legged battles, both indoors and outdoors. Five years ago, Soccerios drew the first leg against Syria and then Honduras and won the crucial second leg in Sydney. This time they were deprived of that luxury. There are no second chances. The Socceroos War The UAE then witnessed – hopefully – Doha, Peru, not Sydney.

But for Arnold, these matches are already a second chance. The worst part of the class – both in terms of performance and results – is on the verge of hijacking the coach. Football Australia chief executive James Johnson has officially stepped in to support Arnold, ending the disappointing draw 24 hours after the defeat in Saudi Arabia.

Ahead of these playoffs, some of Australia’s biggest names have been called upon to take over as head coach. Finally, rightly or wrongly, Arnold was not suspended.

Like his predecessor, Arnold rotated in a line-up, never settling in a XI startup that could often perform its dubious strategy. Some decisions are out of the question – Tom Rojik left the team for unknown reasons, and Man Mountain Harry Souther has not yet recovered from a serious ACL injury. Others – whether or not Aaron Muin, who has not lined up much for the club and country this year – will start – will depend on him. And after four years of developing a team that could compete in a big soccer show, Arnold’s choices can now be both positive and negative.

Sydney, Australia – March 24’s Soccer Soccer team’s Jamie McLaren appears to have suffered a concussion after the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier between Qatar and Australia between Soccerros and Japan at the Acor Stadium in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Australian football is often the result of overconfidence. 11 Direct Qualifications, World Record, It looks like that. He threw paper at the crack. As the results slipped, the truth was revealed, and Arnold’s team management and tactics were discovered.

But the long and arduous journey of efficiency – all those miles, the attacks of Covidy-19, the impressive victories and humiliating defeats – is now coming to fruition.

To win the ugly is to win. And winning both matches means earning a place in the top 32 men’s national team in football and easily earning $ 15 million from FIFA. For a moment, set aside your emotions to inspire the next generation or develop the game profile – this cash-strapped soccer Australia is still important. No wonder the results are so important.

For Australian football as a whole, it is a chance to win a place in the fifth straight World Cup, which is a remarkable achievement for a country that has spent little money on the game and has seen Asian rivals make great strides.

“It means everything,” he told AAP.

“I don’t want anything in my life after the World Cup for the players and for the country.”

All that is left is to win.

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