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Nick Kirgius appears to be on a collision course with Raphael Nadal after defeating fourth seed Stephen Tsitsipas 6-7, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 in the third round at Wild Wimbledon.

After winning four impressive tennis tournaments, Kyrgyz had a clear message to his critics.

“Everywhere I go, the stadium is full. The media likes to write that I am bad for the sport, but it is not clear. ”

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‘My God’ ‘Wimbledon put Nick Kirgius in his place

‘why?!’ Kirgos targets journalist | 00:30

Kyrgyz was the best of the two in the opening round but no one doubted Australia’s ability on the grass.

Everything depends on whether Kirgos can stay calm and focused. Unfortunately, the Australian lost the game in 10 minutes and left in the opening minutes.

Although it took only 55 seconds to close a service case and play the service game, it was hit by an armature tweezer service that checked how good the head was during the game.

Earlier in the week, line judge Kirigios called “snitch” and fired again after one of the shots was called at the opening stage.

“Every brother is 5-5, every brother is 5-5. So get a new judge, get a new judge. ”

“Brother, you have to make the right call, if you don’t call the right one you won’t get credit. You just say sorry and everything is fine? Fe *** … why not get a new judge? He has a line to call.

London, England - July 02 Nick Kergius was fired earlier.  (Photo by Justin Setterfield / Getty Images)
London, England – July 02 Nick Kergius was fired earlier. (Photo by Justin Setterfield / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

In another flashback, Kirgos refused to return to court after winning 6-4 in the second leg, which was rejected by Tsisipas after sending a volley to the audience.

“Default or what? He hit the ball in the f *** speech. Are you dumb? So you can’t hit a crowd, hit someone and be guilty? Are you dumb? ” Said the judge.

“You are a disgrace. You can change the rules whenever you want ስ Give me all the supervisors. I didn’t play it until we got to the basement.

“The size of the competition will come after this press release.”

Kyrgyz Novak Djokovic pointed out the event that marked the end of the 2020 US Open, although on that occasion the Serbian woman hit the line.

In Sunday morning’s rematch, Tissippas’ back-to-back volley went off the wall and narrowly avoided hitting anyone in the crowd.

The drama is not over yet, but Kirgos will soon be back in court.

Jokovich is on! | 00:45

When he took control of the third set, the Australian was in a ditch.

Meeting with Bo, Tsitsipas lowered him to the referee, telling him that Kirgos had “zero respect for the game” and “zero respect for his opponents.”

ፂCipas continued to vent his frustrations on Kyrgyz, hitting the Australian three times in five minutes in a fit of rage and threatening to boil.

At that point, it will be a matter of who stays cool and re-focuses on the task at hand.

Kirgius, who took the third set, then slipped and fell at the beginning of the fourth, although the Australian seemed to be adjusting his right hip.

Cicepus was on the verge of a crucial break in the eighth round, however.

Kirgos saved the rebound and won 5-5 before the fourth set.

Unlike the first collection, the Australian was pressured to send a pack of Tissippas.

The wild roller coaster between the pair left the world of tennis at the edge of the seat.

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