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Nick Kyrgios press conference lie after Paul Jubb meltdown


Hello, how are you? Here is the pot.

Nick Kirgius was in a state of hypocrisy after five wins in the first round at Wimbledon, insulting the referees and line referees and playing the victim in a press conference after the game.

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The OCC called a line judge a “snitch”, saluted the spectators, and lamented the “disrespect” shown to him by all English club spectators.

You can read all about the controversy here and there, but an interaction with The Reporter – presented below – gives Paul Jubbub a very clear understanding of why the world thinks of him after his victory.

“For example, you are sad about what happens to the line judges. Do you sometimes feel bad about being treated by players? ” One journalist asked, “Breaking the silence for five seconds by Kirgius is not sure.”

“Judges will take it, line judges will take it, many of them will take it,” the journalist added.

Kirgos weep “But it’s deeper than that. If I lose a tennis match and come to the call, I’m not being abused on social media like I do. My girlfriend receives hate messages, my family hosts hate messages, I hate hate messages. For example, in Miami (Judge) Carlos Bernardes He did that and the whole game changed. Was he dealing with the consequences? I still get that but there is nothing like it happened. Not only did he make a bad call, but I was offending the referee.

Reporter: “But do you have any sympathy for them?”

Kirgos: “Okay, yes. But if I make a bad call on one line, why am I sorry? There are hundreds and thousands of dollars online, why am I sorry? It doesn’t matter. ”

Can you hear yourself, Nick? The only thing that doesn’t make sense are these last three words.

Kirgos is never wrong, if you listen to the man yourself. (Photo by Adrian DENNIS / AFP)Source: AFP AFP

Kyrgyz believed that he had the right to abuse judges and officials at any time, but spectators were not allowed to criticize him.

Remember, this is the man who encouraged the January Australian Open to be as brutal as possible when he and Tanasi Kokkinakis ran for the double. He then accused the judges of failing to control supporters at Melbourne Park. Go to image.

You can’t have either way.

Make no mistake, the flow of social media abuse athletes – including Kirgius – is disgusting. When it comes to partners and families, it’s even more unforgivable.

The racist Kyrgyz at the Stuttgart earlier this month was so disturbing that it had no place in society, let alone tennis or any other sport. Canberra is right to speak out against such treatment and should be thanked for raising awareness about its harmful effects on mental health.

But what Kirgos does not understand is that he is repeating the same behavior he complains about every time he goes to court.

The referees should be afraid to appoint the Oceans matches responsibly. (Photo by Thomas F. Stark / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

Kirgos has made hell for years the lives of judges and line judges. Whether the March scandal in Miami or the bombing of officials at the Australian Open every summer, the Aussie star is part of the problem he is worried about.

At the end of the dreaded vocabulary, saying “judges should not pass” is like a gas light. How does Kirgos know what will happen to them after he leaves? Will they be asked to fill out after each hate match?

Think about it, you are going to work, you are doing your best and you are screaming in front of thousands of people.

Kyrgyz is trying to explain that the issues are more serious than anyone else – not to mention that he is not easily washed away. Yes, his profile means he has an obstacle that your average Joe does not, but should he be like a fool? Federer does not. Nadal does not. Ash Barti certainly did not.

The 27-year-old is unwilling to accept the basic idea of ​​how the world views him – if he treats everyone around him with respect, he will not be ridiculed and abused.

Do not insult judges, do not insult line judges, do not hit kickboxers when you are angry and people have no reason to “humiliate” you.

It is a simple fact, but unfortunately one Kirgos could not swallow it.

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