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Nick Kyrgios reaches semi-finals, media reaction to win over Cristian Garin, Rafael Nadal matchup

Nick Kirgius is the Wimbledon semi-finalist.

Yes, Kirgos, who says he doesn’t really like tennis, doesn’t use himself all the time and doesn’t care about winning, is in a real scream.

Kyrgyzs made a relatively easy 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 (7/5) (7/5) move to Chile’s Christian Gary for a semi-final match with Raphael Nadal. To take the court after his last eight victories over Taylor Fritz.

After the game, Kyrgyz acknowledged that he had “wasted” parts of his life, but it seems that he is reaping the benefits of a professional approach to this competition. Before he started, Nadal spoke of “adjusting his body” – the exact opposite of the 4 o’clock in the morning before his last meeting with the Spaniard.

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Nick Kirgius Accuses | 01 ፡ 57

While many have blocked Kirgius’ chances of becoming ignorant, the world’s media are arguing that the unthinkable can happen at some point and that the Australian can go all the way, seemingly determined to change course and give himself any injections. By doing this.

In any case, tennis analyst David Low says it is clear that Australians are taking real steps in their work.

“There are other reasons here (in the absence of Russian players).

“… But Cyrus won that game and advanced to the semi-finals of Wimbledon. That’s amazing and it’s a much clearer step than ever before.

“Of course, he has improved here in terms of how he manages his career now. I don’t think this is a coincidence. I think that’s where he started talking.

Co-hosts Katherine Whitker and Matt Roberts “Good Nick Kirgius” appeared in court again.

“In the end it was just a tennis match and he played hard and won big times. There was nothing fancy … there were no clever shots, toddlers or pedestrians, it was really focused, efficient tennis, ”said Roberts.

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‘I don’t know’.

Behind the scenes of Nick Kyrgyz: ‘Cimical’ theory ” ” ” ” ” ” ” Wimbledon kiss.

The ‘crazy contestant’ ignored Rafa’s plea to stop him.

Aussie falls short in quarters | 01:44

Rick Broadbent, writing to The Times, says that Kirgos allowed him to talk about tennis again.

“He did nothing but beat the opponent with a heavy blow,” said Broadband.

He has now sent 120 aces to Wimbledon and has lost just six of 101 service games. “Excellent service on tour,” said Gary. “He has a great chance of winning this race.” “I don’t have a coach,” he thought. “We never put this burden on anyone.” I thought it was half a joke.

In an article for The Times this week, Matthew Seid provided an interesting theory about Kirgius’ “stumbling blocks” in his “fear of failure.”

He wrote: “It is here that some of the most talented people in the world cannot cope with failure.”

“Their self-esteem is tied to their own brilliance, so the idea of ​​working hard and falling is too much.

No.1 Race Hawkeye Refuses to Play | 00:54

“… Isn’t this a convincing explanation for Kirgos’ curiosity? Apparently he decided to spend his life playing tennis, but he seems to have found some very sophisticated ways to hinder his success. A.D. Before the Wimbledon show with Rafael Nadal in 2019, he stayed away from drinking at Dog and Fox until midnight. Why did he choose the most popular home to address the lack of preparation? Why didn’t he have a few squirrels in his own bedroom? Active excuses are made only if everyone can see.

That character seems to be behind Kyrgyz at least for this race and the Australian has a golden opportunity to reach his first major final due to Nadal’s injury worries.

Although the Spaniard is fully competent, Kyrgyzstan has always been a force to be reckoned with by Nadal – Australia’s all-time success in the English club in 2014.

Rafa to SF Suspicious After Victory | 03:00

“It cannot be said that [if Nadal will recover in time to play Nick Kyrgios]But I remember a few weeks ago after the final whistle, we had a famous interview with Philip-Chatter, and he said he had two needles in his leg and he fell asleep, legend Matt Wlander told Erosport.

“Can you do this with your abdominal muscles? Maybe he still knows how to use it well? I guess he won’t hit any tennis balls tomorrow and he’ll recover easily.”

“When you hear that, who is the antichrist? Novak Djokovic, yes. But also Nick Kirgius. It is the worst news ever.

“With Nick Kyrgyz, we never talk about how he moves because he doesn’t play that many games – he goes surprisingly well. He is a very good athlete, his arms and shooting skills are unbelievable. Talking to his box was too small, he was too controlling.

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