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Nick Kirgius does things differently – connecting him to Novak Djokovic to Wimbledon in the men’s singles final.

Although Kirgius did not live up to his promise, the Australian managed to come out on his own in a unique way, winning a second-place trophy in the Red Court.

It may not seem like a big deal to most people, but Wimbledon wants players to wear completely white if they enter the arena.

Kirkios relegated to Wimbledon final

Kirgos brings conventional theaters to an end | 01 13 13

Kyrgyz objected to these instructions to Brandon Nakashima, much to the chagrin of a journalist who spoke about the Australian fashion choice in a post-match press conference.

Kirgos, of course, was more than ready to give the journalist a humorous answer by posting the full statement below.

Prominent tennis journalist Jose Morgado Kirgius said he would be severely punished for wearing a red hat on Monday morning. [AEST].

Nick Kirgius of Australia is wearing a red hat.  (Photo by Sebastian Bozon)
Nick Kirgius of Australia is wearing a red hat. (Photo by Sebastian Bozon)Source: AFP AFP

But some Australians have had problems with this and instead it is safe to say that they will celebrate Kyrgyz in Wimbledon.

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The full exchange of Cyrgyz’s former exchange on the red cap

Reporter We all know that the Wimbledon dress code rules are very strict. Competitors must wear a white suit that is almost white, which applies from the moment the player enters the arena. Why do you go to the middle court and interview the red coaches?

Kirgos weep Hmmm, because I can do whatever I want.

Reporter So, are you above the rules?

Kirgos weep No, I am not above the law.

Reporter So what? Don’t they see you?

Kirgos weep Well, I like to wear Jordan.

Reporter But there are laws in particular. I don’t want to ruin the surprise but the judges are going to tell you about it later.

Kirgos weep no matter.

Reporter And is that okay?

Kirgos weep Tomorrow I will wear a white triangle.

Reporter Well, then. So do everyone in both pictures follow the rules?

Kirgos weep But no one else, after Wimbledon, no one will go to court with Jordan.

Reporter Sorry, Nick just cried because of the controversy around him.

Kirgos weep I did not cry. i like this.

Reporter You laughed at him. So that’s all you guessed?

Kirgos weep It’s more of a focus for me. What is he saying? Any ad is good advertising, right?

Reporter If you say.

Kirgos weep Keep up the good work champion.

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