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Nick Kyrgios vs Novak Djokovic men’s singles final live updates, score, stats, blog, start time, news, result

Nick Kirgius faces his fate tonight, Novak Djokovic – the undefeated man – for the Wimbledon men’s singles title. Stay tuned live from 11 pm AEST!

The 27-year-old Australian is 2-0 in the 20-time Grand Prix and has won two meetings in the High Court in 2017, more than any other player this season.

But Jokovic, looking for a record 32nd Grand Slam final and a fourth straight Wimbledon trophy, is looking to put an end to the mysterious big race.

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Kirgos is the youngest player to reach the final of Wimbledon after his compatriot Mark Filippo, who finished 48th in 2003.

The five-round finals will be held at 11 pm AEST, and can be seen at 9 p.m.


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‘Return my brother’ to me

Nick Kirgius forgot how important his family was when his life was in turmoil, but Sister Christos told Australian media on Sunday that he had finally “returned my son to my brother.”

In an emotional note written before the Wimbledon final at Wimbledon star Novak Jokovich, he revealed that the couple had recently parted ways.

“In the last six or seven years, I have lost my little brother. The boy I grew up with, very carefree and engaging, wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald that he was about to die.

“The world has changed. Tennis has changed him. He was distracted; They always worry about something. He was not there even when you were with him.

The 27-year-old, who is rich but highly controversial, was outraged by the court’s actions in 2014, which led to countless punishments.

Kyrgyz was fined $ 14,000 this year for spitting at Wimbledon fans. A court case is being heard in Australia in connection with an alleged assault.

Nick Kirgius' brother Christos (second from left) and Tanasi Kokkinakis (second from right) at the 2016 Australian Open.  Picture: Mark Stuart
Nick Kirgius’ brother Christos (second from left) and Tanasi Kokkinakis (second from right) at the 2016 Australian Open. Picture: Mark StuartSource: News News Corp Australia

Earlier this year, Kyrgyz was released. He acknowledged that in 2019, during the darkest days of his life, suicides, drug abuse, and self-harm were all too common.

The cause of his anxiety was his tennis tour trip, away from family and stressful.

“He was a prisoner in his own body, and in his life he worked hard for himself, without any sense of joy,” said his brother.

“I would come to visit Mom and Dad and Nick would not get out of bed before noon. And when he did, he went straight out the door. I see him for an hour in four or five days.

“I miss my brother. I did not know if this was someone else.

At the end of last year, when Kyrgyz met his current girlfriend, Costin Hatzzi, he pointed out the way to change, saying that it had helped the player disappear after big matches and take tennis and life apart.

“She helped him open his eyes again. She cut the same clothes as the family needed, ”says Christo.

“Before Nick met her, there was a lot of chaos in his life. The way he wanted his life to be was not the way things were going.

“I can only ask him to see him mature and turn into a happy ending. For us, we have already found our brother. Mom and Dad returned their son.


Watch Nick Kirgius live with Novak Djokovic at 11 pm AEST at Wimbledon Men’s Finals.

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