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Nikita Tszyu vs Ben Horn, how to watch, preview, stream, start time, Joker comparison

Have you seen the movie?Joker‘?

You know, the one where that 2019 failed comedy descends into absolute madness, leaving you squirming in your cinema seat and wondering why this is a superhero movie.

Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for conjuring the anxiety you feel when you frantically chew your popcorn, and secretly check your watch to see how much time is left in this supposed fun.

Do you remember it? Yes, I can’t forget it either.

So Tim Tsiyu took his brother’s mind from joker, This reporter couldn’t help but flash back to that two-hour torture scene and feel at least a little worried for Ben Horne.

Battle of the Brothers: Watch undefeated Nikita Tsiyu take on Ben Horn on Wednesday 20 July at 7pm AEST on Kayo Sports. New to Kayo? Start your free trial now >

Battle of the Brothers: Boys Weigh In | 04:28

Have you seen the movie “Joker”? Tim asks.

“Sometimes I feel like he’s the brain. It’s just chaos. You know, it’s just fireworks. It’s chaos there,” he added in a separate interview


“I want to taste blood. I want to feel pain. I want to feel their pain,” says Nikita, without a hint of politeness, before throwing a single punch in professional boxing.

“That’s how my mind works. I thrive on those kinds of moments and those kinds of emotions.

There is combative talk. And then there’s this. The kind that make you laugh, a little awkwardly, and make you think, or ‘He must be kidding?’ who hopes that

“He’s always like that. He likes to cause pain,” says Tim

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‘History repeats itself’ – Tsiyu | 06:15

Nikita is scheduled for the third bout of his short professional career on Wednesday night, taking on Horn in what is being billed as a ‘battle of the brothers’.

Nikita is clearly a heavy favorite going into the tournament as he has previously finished his two opponents in three rounds in total.

Asked what goes through his mind on fight night, Nikita gave a glimpse into how things work. over there.

“Every fight there are different emotions that go through your head,” Nikita says

“Sometimes there’s a little more anger, sometimes there’s a little more aggression, you just want to hurt them. Even without good reason. You just feel… you just want to hurt this person so much.

But there are other times when you look at them and want to outdo them. Not necessarily a beating, but just make them feel humiliated and take away their confidence.

“These are the little things that you only notice when you look into their eyes.”

So far, however, Horne has been able to escape dark thoughts.

“He’s got a face that I really want to hit,” Nikita says of Horn.

A great one-liner, and welcome to misery and pain.

Nikita continued, “Nothing against him or anything…but one of the faces I want to put in there is he makes a mess.”

Oh, there it is.

Tight lipped Tszyu ‘ready to tango’ | 02:11

Now, before you hit the clues, you should know that Nikita is, for the most part, completely offensive.

Despite being away from the sport for almost a decade, the 24-year-old has discovered that he can punch harder than most, and that he can do it.

Tim “knows how to control it,” making it clear that Nikita doesn’t care about society like a terrible singer.

But when he enters the ring, he is a complete threat.

Nikita is three years younger than his brother Tim, and nearly 20 fights behind him. This means there is work to be done, and much to learn.

Drawing on his brother, father, uncle and grandfather, Nikita has a wealth of knowledge that very few boxers can expect.

“It’s like you have a visual book that’s always talking to you, always giving you information,” says Nikita.

The secrets of that book will be on display Wednesday night as Nikita enters the fight as the $1.03 favorite.

And if he can help it, there will be blood.

Battle of the Brothers: Watch undefeated Nikita Tsiyu take on Ben Horn on Wednesday 20 July at 7pm AEST on Kayo Sports. New to Kayo? Start your free trial now >

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