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Nikita Tszyu vs Darkon Dryden weigh-ins video, Super Saturday, how to watch, when is it, full fight card, Darragh Foley birthday cake stunt

“It’s time to have fun,” insists Nikita Tsiyu as he prepares to tear Darkon Dryden “piece by piece.”

In the lead-up to the fight, Dryden (4-0, 4KO) said Tsiyu (3-0, 2KO) was struggling with weight loss as part of their fight at Newcastle Entertainment Center as part of the Super Saturday Boxing Festival.

However, there were no such problems when the two stepped on the scales with Tsiu registering 69.64kg while Dryden weighed in at 69.66kg for light middleweight.

Although Tsiyu admits there were “troublesome nights” throughout the build, it’s all in the rearview mirror.

“Now is the time to have fun,” Tsiu said.

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Foley and Minto clash over birthday cake 01:14

“All the hard work has paid off. The stressful nights, the overthinking, it’s all in the back of your head. Now is the easy part. It’s about putting things into action.”

Despite his reputation for shaking off punches that send opponents to the canvas, Tsiu was adamant that the bonus for that knockout won’t be on Dryden, reiterating his desire for a “very tactical” fight.

“That would be my first plan,” Tsiu said.

“If things don’t go your way, there’s always plan A, plan B and plan C. I’m planning on this going the full six rounds, I’m planning on it being very tactical.

“It might not be as fun as people expect, but if I can break it down, it’ll be satisfying.”

Elsewhere on the card, Darragh Foley was once again in the middle of a crazy birthday fight with Blake Minto.

Minto, who turns 30 today, was surprised by Foley’s cheeky lotto ticket at the press conference, but was quick to challenge the Irishman’s enthusiasm for the weight.

The Dublin native was initially .02kg over the light welterweight limit before hanging up the towel, but eventually weighed in at 63.46kg to make the fight official.

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Super Saturday Press Release | 10:25

And he came armed with a birthday cake and a party hat for Minto, but the Newcastle native brushed off Foley with wild scenes before leaving the stage.

Foley had some final words for Minto before grabbing a cheeky pie for himself as a reward for his weight.

“This is what you call party pooper,” Foley said.

“It’s his birthday, look at this, look at the trouble I’m going to.

“I’ll drink his cake. Hey Blake, this was your friend. Go back to the stage and share a piece of cake.

The main event between Sam Eggington and Dennis Hogan for the IBO Light Middleweight World Title has been announced, with Eggington weighing 69.52kg and Hogan weighing 69.46kg.

“I feel great,” Hogan said.

“We’ve done this so well, there’s only two words in my head and that’s ‘and new’.”

“Here I am,” replied Eggington, “if I had traveled further I would have been nearer home.” It is not for nothing that you travel this far. I came here to defend the belt and get home and that’s what I plan to do.”

Super Saturday Press Release | 10:25

Full fight card

Main card

Dennis Hogan vs Sam Eggington (IBO Super Welterweight World Title)

Nikita Tszyu vs Darkon Dryden

Sam Goodman vs Jason Cooper (IBF Inter-Continental & WBO Oriental Super Bantamweight Titles)

Lachie Higgins Cody Beacon

Darragh Foley vs Blake Minto (Vacant IBO International Light Welterweight Title)

Chanel Dargan vs Aisha Abid


Jade Mitchell vs Mark Lucas

Ella Butt vs Zoe Putorak (Vacant Australian Welterweight Title)

Tywarna Campbell vs Jessica Adams (Australian Super Featherweight Title)

Richie Trigger by Louis Marster

Amber Amelia vs Danny Mace

Ash Sims vs Sarah Watt

Digital Prelims

David Light vs Vikas Singh

Bailey Mannix vs Dan Murray

Antonio Taliva vs George Peterson

Jason Fawcett vs Jayden Riddle

Tylisha Turner vs Brianna Harrison

Bryce Jones vs Hector Tapueluelu

Jack Tresidder vs Dan Harwood

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