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Former AFL coach Ross Lyon has accused Mickey of “taking Mickey” for his 2.5 2.5million move to North Melbourne.

Lyon called Stephen “unrivaled” and in a scathing criticism on Sunday at 3 p.m.

Lyon and AFL analyst Ken Cornes Estefanos said he has no physical commitment to the race, and Cornish has made three “compelling” efforts in the conflict with Pace.

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“He does not compete physically,” says Leon.

“It creates issues off the field, it is being paid and you send a message every time you choose a team – for me, Jedi Stephen is enough.

“North Melbourne fans are watching. Do you want to go running with him? i won’t.

“This is a club on its knees. We talk about lives online, throw your body. (Other players) If you can do it, you can do it. When your turn comes, go. ”

‘I think there is some skill in this!’ | 00:39

After arriving from Collingwood’s last-minute business in late 2020, Stephenson has managed just 30 games for Rows.

Signs five-year deal with North Melbourne, $ 2.5m At that time, he promised to build on his body to do his best.

“Body size is really something I have to work on. We hope it will help me improve that and take football to the next level, ”he said in 2020.

With less than a year left on his new contract, Stephen broke his leg and was hospitalized while trying to make tricks on his BMAX bike while drinking with his friends.

When Leon came to the size, Stephen asked if he had applied himself.

‘Crazy Heroes’ score MONSTROUS | 00:42

“How many kilos do you think he weighed after being molded? When you have a full-time dietitian, you have a full-time gym person to take care of you, to decide on your development. He is not using his life to the full. ”

“He is taking Mickey. When you sign that contract, you are saying, ‘I am going to dedicate myself, I will do this and you will pay me.’ Is not presenting ”

Cornish showed three different efforts from Stephen, which was labeled “scary” on Sunday’s foot show, and Ru “said he was not physically fit.”

In the first, he failed to dive into his foot in the defensive 50, and the ball allowed him out of the race, bringing Collingwood behind.

Stephen II left his opponent and waited in the air, but the ball went out and Collingwood scored.

In the third, Row scored against his opponent, Beau Macryri.

“Some players are heavier than others – we know but he is not willing to accept any contact in the game,” Cornish said.

“I expect him to lose his place in the team next week. When you think about the money and the years he has earned in North Melbourne, he is a frustrating employee.

“I kept going until I said I paid for the game.”

North Melbourne sprinter Brent Harvey tried to defend Stephen’s vision by claiming that the 23-year-old had suffered a lower back injury and had been killed an hour earlier.

“I have definitely seen a change in training over the last six or seven weeks,” he said on Sunday’s show.

“He is taking it seriously. He did not finish the game yesterday. Injured in lower back. I’m not sure that it contributed to their vision.

Leon said Stephen’s focus should be on his AFL work.

“He has to apply himself to football. There are some non-negotiable things when you run for competition,” he said.

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