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Very few clubs can claim to be the king of Europe, not just once, but twice.

Only one can say we have done that and he has slipped below third place in the national football pyramid.

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But now, in the end, Nottingham Forest has finally returned to what it once was.

The 23-year-old’s Premier League campaign ended in a 1-0 victory for the Reds in the Champions League final to ensure their return to the top flight.

For more than four decades, a roller coaster has won seven trophies, four trophies, and many false positives.

The Premier League was just a few years away from finishing in the 1998/999 season with City.

But the forest has taken over, at least for now.

However, the man who brought the club back to the Promised Land could not have been different from the man who led the forest.

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The Legend Behind the Great Age… and the Immediate Fall

You have to be something else to compare yourself to God, but again, the famous manager Brian Clow it was anything else.

After successfully managing rivals Derby County for six years, Chloe resigned in a bitter feud with Peter Taylor in 1973 in a bitter feud with the club’s board of directors.

A.D. In 1975, before Claw and Forest met, illnesses followed by Brighton and Leeds.

The rest, they say, is history.

In his second season in charge, Clow promoted the club from Division Two (now the Champions League) and kept the club in the Premier League from 1977/78 to 1992/93.

At that time, the forest had unprecedented success in England and Europe, and some of the biggest clubs in the country and on the continent could not be compared to the club’s success.

Heavyweight clubs such as Real Madrid, AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​Ajax, Inter Milan and Manchester United – have won more European Cups than Eastern Midlands.

In fact, only two clubs have scored the same number since the 1979 and 1980 World Cup.

Brian Clow took control of the forest during his successful career.  Picture: Allsport UK / Allsport
Brian Clow took control of the forest during his successful career. Picture: Allsport UK / AllsportSource Fate-Getty Images

However, after the final European Cup victories, Chloe was not able to lead the club to another trophy until 1989 when the club won the League Cup.

As Chloe has already shown, good things will always come because Fores won the same trophy next season.

What made the manager so respected was that he could not express himself and express his feelings.

Despite his remarkable success, he was often the main reason why he was neglected in England.

Chloe was never too short on figurative language.

The forest stadium is located at the top of the river Trent, a body of water that Claw described as “beautiful.”


Because he had “walked for 18 years.”

But with his many successes in Nottingham, Chloe’s God-like status did not stop him from slipping to third place in 1993.

He resigned immediately after the club’s relegation, and many and many managers have been sitting in the City grounds since then, but since then none of them have held the same authority over the jungle.

That is, until September 21 last year.

After retiring from the Premier League in 1993, Chloe resigned. Picture sharp Allsport UK / AllsportSource Fate-Getty Images

How a companion to the historic return route kindly killed the forest

There was a question about Steve Cooper’s appointment as an incredible character with only one gig of an administrator.

Prior to his appointment at Swansea City in June 2019, Cooper spent five years working with the England youth team and won the 2017 U17 World Cup.

Cooper He led Swansea to the play-offs in 2021, but it was unfortunate that Brentford won the trophy before leaving the club on a season-long deal.

Chris Houghton, who has been in the bottom of the forest for 35 days, has led the team to a bad start in 108 years and is looking for new blood in his leadership position.

Houghton was surprisingly sidelined.

But since the forest has been crumbled by 11 managers over the past decade, who can go in and take over the poisoned cup?

Cooper was the man in charge of the game, but he was not really a motivator.

TalkSPORT expert Simon Jordan Cooper was vocal about his concern over City grounds.

Cooper did not gain popularity in the city square. (Photo by Tony Marshall / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

Jordan said in September that “he (Cooper) could take them by the nature of his presence and give them a different voice and change the direction of travel for a while.”

But they (forest) will return to their ranks and he will need to reorganize the team and the good thing is that he will support that.

“Cooper must be looking at something for him in the forest, because the stock is so big he has moved to Nottingham Forest. So something special has to be said or a hell has been taken.

It was a fruitful harvest.

Under Cooper, he looked down on Forrest in front of League 1 and didn’t just put a smile on the faces of the Reds.

such as Athletics According to Daniel Taylor, Cooper did more than win the most important part of any football fan.

“But it was more than enough to win the 42-year-old Welshman’s place in the hearts of jungle fans.”

“The reality is that Cooper is just an insider’s understanding of this club and what it means for their fans.

“Find it”

Cooper kindly killed the players. (Photo by Michael Reagan / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

Even Derby County Captain Curtis Davis can appreciate Cooper’s impressive performance against Rams’ bitter rivals.

“He found a way to keep people by his side,” says Davis. Athletics.

“He prepares them and keeps them awake.

“A manual coach but what people want to work on”

Probably the best place to comment on Garga’s impact on the club, Joe Warral Cooper, the first Forest Academy product in 2016, played under six different red managers.

The Welsh proverb describes how the Welshman treated the group.

After the final victory of the play, Warral said: “If you treat any dog ​​kindly, you will be a good dog.

“If you offend one, they are aggressive, and we were, we were the group that was wronged.

“He came in and gave us that hope, He gave us that faith and He was great.

“He killed us kindly and his fans will always respect him, they will respect him.”

Steve Cooper restored the forest. (Photo by Adrian DENNIS / AFP)Source: AFP

Cooper is no clown, but he doesn’t have to be.

It brought joy and hope to a club that was so close to getting into a state of hypnosis that he could easily accept the middle ground.

Now, when the club returns to the Premier League for the first time in 23 years, fans can dream.

It will not be an easy task to stay, especially in the shockingly wide gap between groups at the top and bottom of a high flight.

But with the advent of Cooper, the impossible has become possible.

With a contract until the end of the 2022/23 season, Forrest wants to arrest him to make sure dreams come true for years to come.

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