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Novak Djokovic says he ‘respects’ Nick Kyrgios, tennis grand slam final, history, bromance, video

The biggest boom in tennis is booming.

Novak Djokovic Nick Kirgius may have dreamed of becoming Australia’s first Wimbledon champion in two decades, but the Serbian star praised his opponent following Sunday’s four-match final.

For years the two actors have been shooting at each other’s behavior.

Joker finds last laugh at Wimbledon | 00:56

Kirgos did not forget his words during the interview. There are no remaining tests Podcast, Australian hit by Serbian.

“No matter how great a prize he won, it would never be great just because I played it twice and, sorry, if you can’t beat me, then you are not the greatest,” said Kirgos.

“Jokovich, I do not know, again, he deceives me. He says he always has to say what he hears, he never says what he thinks.

Later, Kirgius decided to play an exhibition in the early stages of the CVD epidemic and described Kirgos as a “bone head” following the “weapon” in Australia in 2021.

But after the tennis player who came to this year’s Australian Open after being fired by Australian immigration minister Alex Hawk, the two broke bread and made peace.

‘She drank about 700, my brother!’ | 00:45

At the tennis court, Jokovich spoke highly of Kyrgyz and said that he was delighted to see the Australian start to excel.

“Nick will come back. Not just at Wimbledon, but in the finals. ”

It’s hard to find words of comfort after such a hard defeat, but they have shown why you should be one of the best players on the floor. Congratulations on a wonderful competition for you and your team.

“I wish you all the best. I really respect you. I think you are a great tennis player and an athlete and a great talent – you have heard for many years but now everything has started to gather so I am sure we will get a lot of great greetings later stages.

“And considering the relationship, I never thought I’d say very good things about you. Okay, it’s officially bromance.”

‘She drank about 700, my brother!’ | 00:45

That Central Court burst into laughter, with public controversy playing for years.

Asked about possible fights between former enemies, Jokovich said that he had been defeated by Kirgius.

“I don’t know if we will do this tonight or any other night, but hopefully this is the beginning of a happy relationship between us – both outside of court,” he said.

Earlier, Kirgos had sewn the crowd with his majestic character.

He praised Jokovich’s tennis skills before praising the tournament officials and the team.

Kyrgyz: “Yes, yes, he (Jokovich) is a little god. I thought I played well.

“First of all, I want to congratulate Novak and the team. You have won this championship, I don’t even know how many times.

“Then obviously for all the boys, the judges, you and I sometimes have a very difficult relationship but I thought I would like to thank you for your patience.

“And people, two wonderful weeks have passed.”

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