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Nick Kirgius was in the zone when he opened the Wimbledon Men’s singles tournament with Novak Djokovic – but it didn’t take long for things to unravel.

After being broken by Jokovich, the Australian became impatient in the second half and an disobedient fan was aggravating things for Kyrgyz in the third.

Renod Lichtenstein, a 27-year-old presiding judge, tried to oust the drunken woman who said she had been talking to me constantly between games.

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Nick Kyrgyz was released in the third round.  (Photo by Julian Finn / Getty Images)
Nick Kyrgyz was released in the third round. (Photo by Julian Finn / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

Here is the full text of his statement:

Kirgos weep “Your comments should not be taken lightly. When I was at the Wimbledon final, she was focusing on me when there was no big opportunity. You do not believe me. She did it again and the game was about to cost me.

Liechtenstein tears “i believe you”

Kirgos weep But why is she still here? She was drunk when she spoke to me in the middle of the first row. What is acceptable? ”

Liechtenstein tears “Nothing is acceptable.”

Kirgos weep “Okay, get her out.”

Liechtenstein tears “I don’t know which one”

Kirgos weep “I know exactly which one.”

Liechtenstein tears “And tell me.”

Kirgos weep “She’s wearing a dress … She looks like she’s drunk about 700 drinks, brother. She always talks to me at the point. ”

Speaking Channel 9Sam Groz Kyrgyz had to get into the fourth set with a “different mindset” to put behind him what happened in the third.

Nick Kyrgyz wanted the fan to be fired. (Photo by Clive Brunskiel / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

“It was very difficult to serve Nick,” he said.

“It went through a few preconditions. But then the discussion started with the people. It started with a judge.

“As you said, he tried to get rid of the spectator. He was not happy with the box. He wanted them to get up. It’s not about tennis, it’s about what happens between points.

“Novak Djokovich is now allowing Nick to say everything.”

That’s what Jokovic wanted, and she asked him to talk about tennis instead, as Jellena Docich Kirgius did in the first set.

“It’s a little loose here in this third set,” she said.

“I think he really needs to be reorganized. He is still talking to himself. He really needs to be more stable here, organized. Forget about the third set and try restarting what you did in that first set.

“He comes down to the service. He needs to serve well. That game was 40-4 when it was broken 40-0. He has to make sure he puts those games in place and puts the same pressure on Jokovic.

“I think he should be really calm and cohesive and maybe try to control his speech a little earlier.”

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