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Nick Kyrgyz’s bad boy image is in many ways a “stage personality,” a way for the “sweet, genuine, emotional person” to defend him, the player’s former manager and agent told the media.

The riddle is one of the most intriguing Australians in the tennis district, who has seen his anger over countless fines during a check in court.

Among the attacks were a lack of effort, a cry of oppression, abuse of judges, spitting in the direction of supporters, and the throwing of seats in court.

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At Wimbledon, where he played Novak Djokovic in Sunday’s final, he has so far been fined $ 14,000 after a scuffle with third-placed rivals Stephen Pussippas.

But John Morris, who met Kirgius and spent 10 years as a consultant, said Nick’s stupidity and courage were not real.

“The image of this bad boy became descriptive and played a little bit,” Morris said Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday.

“Of course not. And then you go to the road and eventually he just takes his role.

“Even this week he is good at playing the role of evil. He is literally – a role. In many ways he is a stage man, but he is a defense.

“If he is short, if he raises the wall, he cannot be hurt mentally. He is thinking, ‘If I do not allow the conversation to continue, I will not be harmed.’

Nick Kirgius, former agent and manager, lifts the Australian star's lid.  (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)
Nick Kirgius, former agent and manager, lifts the Australian star’s lid. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

“I understand. But it’s a defensive tool. I know Nick Kirgius was a very sweet, real, emotional man.

Even then, there were times when Kirgos violated the rules of the shirt because he wanted to wear singlets.

Or wearing a Nike shirt that has been worn for 18 months to shock Nike executives.

“Nike went balistic,” Morris told the newspaper.

“He was not trying to hurt or deceive anyone. He simply did not understand. He was a kid with a favorite lucky shirt and it was a big match and he wanted to wear it.

Defective expert, flamboyant Kirgos activists have divided the world of tennis, but Morris denies that he could have done more to stem the tide.

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He said most of the disagreements came to Kyrgyz and that they did not fit into the image of the sport’s cultural lovers.

“I think a lot of people were trying to stop him and try to box him,” he said. “He didn’t mean it. He needs guidance and I believe we are right. But he always had to be.

“Yeah, you had to pull him back a little bit and get back on track, but he’s very special and unique in terms of who he is and what he brings to the game.”

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