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Novak Djokovic vs Nick Kyrgios, underarm serve, tweener, video, reaction, updates

Nick Kirgius was heavily involved in the opening match of the men’s singles final at Wimbledon on Sunday night.

But still, former British tennis star Tim Hemanman was not a supporter of the strategy, but had a place in the cheek service and a position with an Australian official.

Although Kyrgyz was relatively reserved in the opening round, he has confirmed that he will bring his armband to the starting line-up at every English club.

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Although Jokovich was better prepared to leave, Henman Kirgius insisted that he would shoot himself in the leg if he continued to win.

“Will the first arm be used at the end of Wimbledon?” Henman told the BBC. “I like the way Kirgos started.

“There is a little discussion about the arm server, whether it is disrespectful, but no matter, it is a legal method.

But I think this is a horrible technique on the lawn. You are inviting someone to come to the net and attack you, so we will never see you again … ”

Nick Kirgius with Twiner's shot.  (Photo by Daniel LEAL / AFP)
Nick Kirgius with Twiner’s shot. (Photo by Daniel LEAL / AFP)Source: AFP AFP

In Kirgius’ defense, he realized that it was important to use only a little, so he did not return to the game as much as he could in other matches.

Although Todd Woodbridge admired Kergius’ work as a “rhythm breaker,” he believed that it would not be the same for Jokovic.

“You can see that the problem with the arm service was not so deep when Novak returned,” he said.

“So he got up early, and then he was actually in a box. But 40-0, he brought the show earlier.

“It depends on the status of the returnees. [Rafael] Nadal Novak will be four meters deeper than he started today.

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