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NRL consider six again rule change, set of six after siren, Ben Hunt Dragons vs Raiders, Blues vs Maroons State of Origin

The NRL is reportedly considering a dramatic change of rules that will extend the game by more than 80 minutes to prevent the NRL from repeating the six-match rule.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the NRL is examining the options of their six teams, even though it is overtime.

This means that teams are allowed to play six teams for more than 80 minutes and before the break as well as to avoid negative tactics from the defensive teams.

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A change in the rule means that half or the match ends after the last touch of the ball or if the attacking team gives the ball.

The potential change in the rules is aimed at curbing defensive teams’ intentional restart and increasing the deadline in half and games.

In particular, Ben Hunt committed a professional foul against the Raiders when he was not in the square to end the game, even though he was not penalized.

He also led Queensland’s Isaac Eun to a 16-10 win in the final, 16-10 in the final. He still won 6-10.

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Ben Hunt was not punished.Source approached

The NRL Regulatory Committee will review any unconstitutional changes before 2023.

However, Paul Kent fired shots at NRL 360, believing that this would be another change of law if the judges made the right decision.

“I hate it,” Kent said.

“This happens in the rugby league. Most of the time one person makes mistakes like the referees the other night, we all accepted and the NRL accepted.

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Isaah Yeo was arrested on the last day of the first season to end his term.Source Fate-Getty Images

“And next time we have a law to use as a safety net against him, and we don’t know where the bubble in the carpet will come from.”

“And it always happens. We’ve seen six rules again. It’s important that the teams work together and win six times.”

“We don’t know where we are and we’re turning the sport into a circus. We’re breaking the rules with this track.”

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QLD trio to stop in decision | 02 ፡ 38

Instead of changing the content of the rules, let Paul Crawley enforce the existing rules.

“Just blow the bloody punishment,” Crowley said.

“Of course, if the judge in Ben Hunt’s case blows the sentence and Ben Hunt should have, the problem is solved.

But with Isaac Yehu two meters away from the line, you can’t change the rules to get two more plays.

The Blues can’t extend the game to win.

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